Basileus δ Delta Ⅱ Shaft

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Introducing Basileus Delta II Shaft.

Handy and mechanical tip action for the artisan. In the present age when large heads have become constant while inheriting the strong hand that technical athlete golfers pursue, the behavior of the tip only to ensure that the head is returned to the "where it should be".

Developed for technical hitters based on wrist work, advanced support action added to the flexibility and tenacity focused on the hand. The first δ has a material structure centered on PAN-based 50t + boron fiber, which gives it an "extreme flexibility design". AII was launched from the point where all the designs were reset. Adopting a double bias structure of pitch type 80t ultra-high elasticity fiber + PAN type high elasticity, which can be said to be the essence of TRIαS technology, "low torque", "flexibility at hand", "tip behavior adjusted with high precision" A fusion was achieved. A shaft that "sufficiently responds" to its tough wrist work. Designed because we want golfers to fully demonstrate their club operation skills. The technical hitter's tenacious "striking" impact is sublimated into distance and control. “Basileus δ Ⅱ” is the best weapon to make it a reality.

Designed to suppress bending from the front to the middle and to increase resistance to the thick impact created by the strong wrist turn of technical hitters. The C / B value, which is an index of the feeling of bending from the hand to the middle part, is 0.53 (60 / S), which is a dynamic design. The T / C value, which indicates the ease of catching the ball, is designed to be as hard as 0.66 (60 / S), so there is no need to worry about the "left".

The design concept is a sticky hand that matches the wrist work of a technical hitter, and the low torque design also realizes the stable behavior of the head. Designed to prevent mistakes from side to side by reducing unnecessary face opening and closing behavior. You can feel the thick impact that is essential for technical hitters. The trajectory launched to the medium to low trajectory makes it easy to get a "low spin ball" that is easy to run. It can be said that δⅡ is a reliable shaft that matches the technical hitter by making the best use of "accumulated data of 10 years".


- Luxury design using pitch-based 80t ultra-high elasticity fiber + PAN-based 40t high-elasticity fiber over the entire length.

- 40-R / S / X uses PAN-based 50t ultra-high elasticity fiber that achieves the optimum balance of weight reduction + hardness + strength.

- Designed to stick, bend, return, and hit due to the optimum arrangement of materials.

- Optimal support for list work with the optimum "bending at hand" design.

- The overall behavior is at hand, and it matches the technical hitter who emphasizes a slight support feeling at the tip.


- Driver / FW Shaft

- Available in 4 models based on weight.


Basileus Delta 2 Shaft

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