Seven x Benock Pilota Putter

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Introducing Seven x Benock Pilota Putter which is named after the Italian word for Pilot. This putter is insanely beautiful and features some of the finest curves we have ever seen. Let me also mention that both the PIRATA and PILOTA are made of JSS which is SUS3136L. The absolute finest stainless steel for putters without a doubt and an option that can be added just like the putters seen in these photos (note the small text JSS on the sole print).

One of the craziest things about Benock manufacturing is that none of the curves or edges you see in this product are polished by hand. No other company can produce edges like these via milling alone.

Other putters are milled to a sharper edge then hand polished down whereas Benock uses the power of NS Tool and Okuda-san’s CAD work to make every edge flawless.

The recipe is Japanese DMG Mori milling machines that utilize German controllers and Italian CAD software, then take it to the absolute extreme with the parts and support of NSTOOL inc and you have Japan’s monozukuri, the art of manufacturing and craftsmanship.

Okuda-san’s background prior to making putters is he is the inventor of the uni-bloc technology and manufactured mass sensors in the cell phone industry which produces to 1/100,000th of a hair accurately. I dub this “alien technology” as no golf club maker has the capability or know how to accomplish this level of perfection.

A 7kg ingot accurately milled to exact design specs using a 5-Axis machining. Metal is material that can easily deform. Applying external force can create internal resistance within; in order to create an ideal putter, a high precision milling method is essential. Benock utilizes the same ultra-precision micro-milling process used to manufacture micro metal molds for Electronic devices. By initially milling all except for the bottom plane, Benock has developed a 1 piece 5 plane milling process which does not retain residual stress and allows Okuda-san to accurately mill the material to exact design specs by precisely controlling the stress caused to the material during the milling process. They have created putter heads that can maintain the design specs over time. From design, programming to manufacturing, all of the processes are performed at the Kyoto factory.

About This Product Listing

- Available in 2 material options: JSS SUS3136L or J.I.S SUS303

- Available in 4 Length options: 32 / 33 / 34 / 35

- If custom specs ( different paint fill color / lie angle / etc ) are required please contact [email protected]

Seven x Benock Pilota Putter

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