Seven ST Wedge - Arakenma Black Boron - 51° - Head Only

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Introducing the SEVEN ST wedge – 2 years in the making. Initially, SEVEN decided against releasing the ST in favor of moving to full CNC manufacturing like the SEVEN CB and MCB irons. These heads collected dust in the corner of my design studio (garage) until one day I decided to sell off the prototypes. It was full steam ahead on the CNC wedges until a month or two later customers who purchased the ST wrote back to me how amazing they were. These are total wedge connoisseurs saying things like “this is the best-shaped wedge I’ve ever owned” and “the softest feeling wedges I have ever tried” and “these grinds do everything well” and finally my favorite “these spin like nothing else.” The praises were flowing,

We created these wedges using the same manufacturers as some of the wedges we idolize here on TSG.  There was the Crazy Toyoshima wedge which grew a cult following of its own as one of the best boutique wedges available then became difficult to keep in stock.  We also felt influence from the Sky Dream Jump 115 Forged Proto which had a micro-milled face incredibly fine and computer-milled grooves for perfect depth,  sharpness, shape and spin consistency.  Finally, there was the Yururi Gekku Wedge which is still to this day the best selling wedge on our website ever.  Everyone loves the Yururi for its soft feel and spin and especially enjoyed its raw grain look.   Take all 3 of these wedges and combine them into one and you will understand what this new SEVEN ST Wedge is.  The shape of the Toyoshima,  the spin of the SDJ Proto, and feel of the Yururi Gekku.

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- Black Boron

- Head Only

- 51*

- Only 3 Available

Loft Lie F.P Bounce Weight
51° 59.5 6.0 10° 251
57° 60 7.0 10° 258
61° 60.5 7.5 10° 265

Seven ST Wedge Black Boron

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