N.S.PRO Putter Shaft

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Introducing N.S.PRO Putter Shaft 2023

Patented new plating called Luxury Silver.

A new patented plating is used to improve accurate alignments and strokes and to address environmental issues.
The newly adopted "Luxury Silver" plating has a fine matte finish with a luxurious feel that suppresses light reflection. This dramatically improves alignment and stroke focus.

In addition, this new plating process is environmentally friendly, which has been the focus of much attention in recent years.

As a leading golf shaft manufacturer, certified ISO 1400, this is another one of our sincere efforts to address environmental issues. (*Patented number: No. 7047197)

Solid feel unique to steel shafts

While improvements in face insert technology have been improving the impact feel, there is also a disadvantage in that it is difficult to get feedback from changes in the impact zone.
One of the essential elements in accurate putting is impact point control.

A steel shaft that does not dampen vibration more than necessary makes it easier to obtain feedback from impact point changes, regardless of whether a face insert is used or not, and provides the necessary control in performance in addition to stability.

Renewed weight lineup

In addition to the 140 g and 160 g shaft weight lineups, which create a sense of stability when the player is put under pressure, a new lighter 120 g shaft weight setting has been added to the lineup to improve stroke stability and accommodate heavier head weights,

The wide weight range enables the coexistence of preferred feel and performance in the putter category where the feel is most important.

The logo design has also been redesigned to be highly visible and to satisfy the sense of ownership. The logo colors are different at different weights, and elements such as model names and weight designations have been eliminated. This allows the player to concentrate on putting smoothly and without hesitation.
The overall shaft length is 37 inches. At this length setting, N.S.PRO Putter can accommodate up to medium-length putter specifications, as the specifications have been developed to meet a wide range of needs, from shorter to medium lengths.


Name Model Length
Diameter (mm)
Butt Tip
N.S.PROパター TIP-7B-SP 37(940) 120.0 14.80 9.0
TIP-7F-SP 14.80 9.4
TIP-7C-SP 140.0 14.80 9.0
TIP-7G-SP 14.80 9.4
TIP-7D-SP 160.0 14.80 9.0
TIP-7H-SP 14.80 9.4

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