Ryoma Ladies U Utility

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The Ryoma Ladies U Utility is now available for the Lady golfers! Ryoma is already known for creating one the easiest and longest drivers to ever be available in Japan. They followed that up by releasing a fairway wood that was as long as drivers from other brands. Golfers wanted more and urged Ryoma to add a utility to their lineup and they complied.

Ryoma is proud to introduce the all new Ryoma Ladies U. The Ryoma Ladies U is not only designed to be easy to play but to also create distance unlike no other utility. Those who struggle with long irons or simply prefer to hit utilities over irons and fairway woods will immediately be drawn to the same technologies that made the Maxima driver and D-1 fairway wood so successful. 

Ryoma designed the Ryoma U with the same DSI or Deep Strong Impact concept. The huge 60g weight that is present in the back of Ryoma drivers and fairway woods makes its way into the Ryoma U creating a CG position like no other. To help control spin and trajectory, another 60g spin control unit is placed forward behind the face. The 60g weight in the back not only creates a humongous sweet spot but as with the driver and FW, is heavier than a golf ball which creates a huge repulsion force at impact. 

The Forged Titanium face and crown help create a soft elastic sponge like feel, and coupled with a stronger stainless steel body, the Ryoma U creates maximum energy transfer at impact. 

Ryoma spent almost all of 2013 working on the right shape and size and design for the new Ryoma U and in their testing put the Ryoma U up against many of Japan's best utilities. Their final test before release saw the Ryoma U go against the most highly rated distance utility (who shall go unnamed) and a test group of 20+ golfers with varying skill levels. The same loft AND shaft were used for both the Ryoma U and competitor in all cases and the Ryoma U ended up not only being easier to hit but also out distancing the top rated competitor by 10-15 yards!

Ryoma decided that thanks to the huge distance the Ryoma U produced, they would offer the U in 21 24 and 27* lofts. Some may be disapointed that there is no 18* but Ryoma's reasoning is that the 21* is capable of being as long or longer than most 18* utilties in golf. 

Ryoma has matched a specially designed Tour AD Ryoma U shaft.  The Ryoma Ladies U has a C5/ C8 swing weight to assist players of any strength achieve a smooth sweeping motion. 

For those who require heavier or stronger shafts, the Ryoma U is available as heads only and can also be custom made with optional upgrade shafts from TSG.

.355 tip size


Ryoma Ladies U Utility

Ryoma Ladies U Utility

Ryoma Ladies U Utility

Ryoma Ladies U Utility

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