Ryoma Ladies Irons 6-PW ( 5pcs )

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Introducing Ryoma Ladies Iron. The first iron in Ryoma 's history was born!

Applied DSI technology proved in wood performance to iron.

In addition, the world's first titanium alloy spring face extended 10 mm behind the sole releases a high initial velocity ball at every hit point.

World's first low center of gravity characteristics achieved by a power booster using ultra-high specific gravity 17 tungsten realize unparalleled high launch and wide area suite area.

The blur of the right and left shake and the blur of the flight distance when making a mishit are less than half of the conventional irons. With "kindness" that everyone can feel, the average distance is improved by 10 yards *. An ultra-high-performance iron, which increases the pardon rate of every golfer, is completed.


POWER BOOSTER - If the center of gravity is low, the depth of the center of gravity becomes shallow. Also, the center of gravity position becomes higher as the deep center of gravity is set. To make it easier to raise the ball, you need to have a low center of gravity, and to make it an easy club it must be the deep center of gravity. Moreover, I want to achieve this with a head shape that does not widen the sole width. This physically contradictory "low & deep center of gravity" was bornbyRyoma's unique head structure and welding technology. Ultra high specific gravity power booster is formed by powder metallurgy of specific gravity 17 * tungsten powder. By thoroughly analyzing the center of gravity pattern and achieving both lowcenterof gravity and deep center of gravity at a high level, irons that are hard to shake back and forth and right and left were completed. 

TITANIUM SPRING FACE - Ryoma developed a "titanium alloy spring face" different from other companies. Faces are deflected greatly in the power spring zone, and high initial velocity is released at every hitting point.

ASSIST SOLE - For easy lays such as fairways, sharp swing with a narrow sole realized. In the case of Duffy and Fairway Bunker, the supplemental sole is added so that the head does not enter deeply, becoming "Super Wide Sole" to suppress the flight distance loss and excessive head turn. Minimal mistakes, great contribution to scoring make-up.

About This Product Listing

- Ladies Version

- Irons Set contains 5 clubs: #6 - #7 - #8 - #9 and PW

- # 5, AW and SW will be available as extra club options

- Comes with Tour AD Ryoma Iron shaft as its standard shaft

- TBeyond Power shaft is available as custom shaft option

- RELEASE DATE: Dec 1st, 2018

Ryoma Ladies Iron

Ryoma Iron

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