Royal Collection TM-X Utility

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Introducing Royal Collection TM-X Utility.

The New TM-X Series Utility - Benchmarking the Legendary "Royal Collection"

The Royal Collection, once sought after by top players and considered the "unwavering ace", has evolved into its latest iteration with the TM-X series. This new model surpasses its predecessor in every aspect, from the clubface to the feel, handling, power, and ball trajectory.

The TM-X series Fairway Wood and Utility club are designed to dominate the 200-yard air battles and complete any club setting. Built with feedback from tour pros and advanced players, this practical Fairway Wood boasts a small, easy-to-swing head that excels in adapting to the course. Its composite head features a carbon crown that produces the optimal spin for a strong trajectory, the world's first "Asner sheet" that provides a solid feel, and a cavity sole that allows for the proper center of gravity placement and excellent shot release.

The Royal Collection TM-X Utility club is designed with an iron-like address that makes it easy to line up shots and hit targets with precision. The club's compact head is easy to maneuver, and the shaft is thick (9.4mm) to provide stability and durability under tough conditions. The club also features a carbon crown, an Asna sheet, a cavity sole, and a variable weight system, just like the FW club, to deliver top-notch performance.

One of the key features of the TM-X Utility club is its low center of gravity, thanks to the use of a lightweight carbon crown. This design provides a strong and stable trajectory, reducing spin and enabling players to attack the course with confidence. The club's optimized center of gravity and weight distribution system provides a perfect fit for golfers of all skill levels.

The club's Asner sheet is another innovative feature that sets it apart from other UT clubs. The Asner sheet is commonly used in snowboarding and skiing to absorb vibrations and enhance control, giving golfers a direct and comfortable feel upon impact. The club's compact head is also designed to make it easy to hit in rough, bunker, and bear-ground conditions, making it an excellent choice for more experienced players.

Finally, the Royal Collection TM-X Utility club has a square face shape, making it easier to align and aim at targets with precision. The club's design makes it easy to address and hit targets with an iron-like feel, and it can be hit more gently than traditional iron clubs, making it an ideal choice for players of all skill levels.


- TT-5 Shaft is its standard shaft ( made by composite techno )

- Custom Shafts available as options ( 6-8 weeks )

- Please contact us at [email protected] if you cannot find the shaft you want

- Additional Weight Screws available ( Medium Weight and Small Weight )


Count Material/Manufacturing Loft Angle Lie Angle Volume (cm³)
U2 Crown: Carbon
Face: HT1770M
Body: 17-4ph casting
Sole: Equipped with aluminum plate
18 61.0 108
U3 21 61.5 111
U4 24 62.0 114
Shaft name Flex Weight (g) Torque
Royal Collection TT-5 R. 55 5.0
SR 58 4.9
S. 61 4.8
Flex R. SR S.
Count Length Balance Gross weight Balance Gross weight Balance Gross weight
U2 41.0 D0 339 D1 342 D2 345
U3 40.5 D0 343 D1 346 D2 349
U4 40.0 D0 347 D1 350 D2 353

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