Royal Collection TM-X Driver

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Introducing Royal Collection TM-X Driver.

The Royal Collection TM-X driver will be released on April 7, 2023, by Adler Japan Co., Ltd. This driver belongs to the "TM-X" series of the Royal Collection, which is loved by top professionals and has won major tournaments in Japan and the United States.

Adopting the same design philosophy as the TM-X fairway wood and utility released in November last year, the composite head is equipped with a carbon crown, Asna sheet in the sole center, and four variable screw weights to achieve maximum distance performance with ease of operation and a comfortable feeling. It is a product for golfers who seek both distance and maneuverability, matched with a dedicated shaft that combines easy timing and a high hitting rate.

The carbon crown was adopted to achieve the optimal center of gravity position, which aims for a strong trajectory with a proper spin by a thorough low center of gravitation. The Royal Collection's original sole design "Cavity Sole" enables the proper center of gravity design and sole rigidity enhancement, and by installing Asner sheet in the center of the sole, it achieves a comfortable hitting feel by suppressing vibration and extremely high-pitched sounds at impact.

The pear-shaped head shape preferred by single players achieves a different swing ability and high maneuverability than the "stretch type" that has become more popular in recent years. The matte black finish reduces reflection and allows for concentration at the address. The weight adjustment screws are placed in four locations and can be adjusted from eight screws, with two 1g screws and 2g and 6g screws installed as standard. Additionally, separate weights of different sizes (10g, 8g, 4g, 2g, 3g) are available for custom fitting to respond to the preferences of advanced players regarding shafts, grips, length, and balance.

This club, which is embedded with the latest technology, has a reassuringly orthodox shape that is typical of the Royal Collection. The face provides a good bounce and the matte black finish that conceals the carbon crown reduces high-pitched sounds similar to titanium, with a moderate spin that is not too low, making it easy for amateurs to use.


- TT-5 Shaft is its standard shaft ( made by composite techno )

- Custom Shafts available as options ( 6-8 weeks )

- Please contact us at [email protected] if you cannot find the shaft you want

- Additional Weight Screws available ( Medium Weight and Small Weight )


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