Honma Tour World W Wedge

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Introducing Honma Tour World W Wedge. It is a lineup with different wedge functions used depending on the situation. A wedge that requires a lot of control shots as well as a full shot, and spins and trajectory according to the situation Will give birth. The new "T//WORLD TR Wedge" gives you the "optimal spin" in all situations.

Optimize spin and trajectory to suit the occasion

Three types of loft-specific sole shapes to maximize the performance required according to the situation. The function that changes for each count promises the best shot for the scene.

Flat blade design (  48 °, 50 °, 52 °, 54 ° )

A mid-low center of gravity design with a flat upper back face. With the height of the trajectory according to the loft, it is easy to match the sense of distance with proper spin, and you can aim the pin dead.

Reverse taper blade design (  56 °, 58 °, 60 ° )

A high center of gravity design gradually increases the thickness both in the upper direction of the blade and in the lateral direction from the neck to the toe. As a result, the ball rides on the face even at the upper hitting point, and the spin is firmly entered.

I-SOLE ( 48 °, 50 °, 52 °, 54 °)

A shape that makes it easy to pull out even with a full shot and can hit the distance according to the loft.

C-SOLE ( 56 °, 58 °, 60 °)

A shape that is easy to pull out even if it is square or open.

S-SOLE (58 °, 60 °)

A shape that exerts a bounce effect on the entire surface of the sole so that it can be held in a square and hit automatically.

HONMA's original cross milling face

By superimposing the milling on the face surface on the cloth, the ball is firmly bitten even on control shots, demonstrating excellent spin control performance.

CG control parts that raise the center of gravity

Designed to raise the center of gravity by fitting aluminum parts closer to the toe (54 ​​° - 60 °)

At the time of a full shot, the center of gravity is raised, and the face stands up at impact, so spin is entered. On the other hand, during control shots, the face is easier to open, and the image that the face can be used diagonally for a long time makes it easier to spin, improving the operability.

Honma Tour World W Wedge


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