Fourteen TC-340 Forged Irons 6-P ( 5pcs )

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Introducing FFourteen TC-340 Forged Iron, At first glance, you should be able to see the different color of the head. We realized deeply sharp undercut that we have not seen before with forged soft iron forged molding, making it possible to design the "lowest " center of gravity in a Fourteen forged iron. It is the strongest flying type iron which is the lowest and has the combination of expert favorite response and flight distance performance.


An undercut of common sense that enabled forging for seven times

The deep, sharp and gouged undercut so far is usually a shape that can not be forged. However, it made it impossible to forge as many as seven forging manufacturing methods which raised the manufacturing accuracy to the most extent possible. This neat beauty and unparalleled performance are unique to precision integral molding.

"Lowest ever" low center of gravity & super deep center of gravity to rise, fly

Minimum center of gravity (15.3 mm), and ultra-deep center of gravity (6.3 mm) in the history of Fourteen Iron. Among many forged irons, the easiest way to raise the ball is to make it fly, and in particular, the ease of striking long irons and middle irons will surely be surprised.

Ease of Hitting

It is this model that pursues ease of hitting so that it can be said to be the ultimate in the manufacturing method of soft iron forging, and achieves hit feeling and flight performance preference for advanced users. So, aside from the athlete golfer who aims at a higher level, if a single player who fell a little distance away with age may get back that shot five years ago.

About This Product Listing

- Set contains 5 irons: #6, #7, #8, #9, P

- Comes with NSPRO 950GH HT as its standard shaft

- Other Club available as extra club options

- Other shafts available as custom shaft option

Fourteen TC-340 Forged Iron

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