Waccine Compo New GR350 Iron Shaft Set

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Introducing Waccine Compo New GR350 Iron Shaft Set.

Fusion of a carefully selected net domestic material and metal sheet with exquisite balance. Cut the precisely cut sheets carefully and carefully by skilled craftsmen over time. "Stickiness" peculiar to the vaccine, "the speed of returning to the wrinkle", "the grasp of the ball", "the strength of the playing" has been realized.

Exquisitely compounding the metal at the tip of the shaft and the proper place at hand. By being able to feel light things heavy, it is easier to swing and increase the meat rate and feel a heavy thing lightly, it is possible to increase the head speed well by swinging well. We realized optimum weight distribution according to the type of golfer.

Introducing FLAT FLEX system of Waccine Compo

In conventional golf clubs, the vibration frequency of the shaft varies for each count, causing the shots to lack stability. So Waccine Compo adopts "FLAT FLEX design" which makes the vibration frequency of the shaft uniform and consistent from driver to sand wedge. From a completely new approach, a high-performance shaft that enabled further "flying" evolution and "score up" was born here.

so here when you decided to choose one model of Waccine compo shaft for all of your clubs, the cpm you get will be flat and consistent: For example, Driver is GR560 DR, FW is GR560 FW, UT is GR560 UT and Iron is GR560 Iron. your cpm will be like this graphic below:

About This Product Listing

- Dedicated for Golfer who swing slowly

- Available in 4 flexes option: S is custom order so it will take longer to be delivered

- Iron Shaft

- Length (LG- # 3 / # 4 / # 5 MD- # 6 / # 7 / # 8 ST- # 9 / # 10 / A / S)

- Set contains 6 shafts: #5 - #10

Waccine Compo New GR350 Iron Shaft Set

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