Takumi Japan Type S Wedge

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Introducing Takumi Japan Type S Wedge.

Integrated soft iron forging created from one round bar.

An integrated soft iron forged wedge from the hosel to the head. By making it integral, the grain flow, which is the flow of metal particles, is not interrupted from the hosel to the face, and the density of the metal particles is increased, resulting in good hit feeling and flexibility.

20% improvement in spin performance with face milling and scorian sculpture.

By applying a score line to the super-smooth face surface by CNC machining instead of stamping (pressing) it, engraving the score line, the edge (corner) of the score line remains sharp, improving spin performance . Enables a 20% increase in spin rate (compared to our company) and outstanding spin performance stability.

Tear drop shape with high operability in response to professional demands.

In response to professional demands for a variety of shots, the face adopts a teardrop shape that is easy to hold even when opened. The sole is designed with a round sole at a loft angle of 52 degrees to accommodate full shots, and a crescent sole with a 58 degree loft angle for shots with the face open, taking into account the toe-heel portion. It is a professional specification that can actively aim for pins even in the severe conditions of tournaments.

Adopt carefully selected materials of S25C.

Among the normal soft iron materials "S25C", carefully selected materials with a carbon content of 0.24 to 0.26% are used. By using a material with a stable carbon content, the spread of iron in the forging process is stable, and it is a gem with less variation in weight.

About This Product Listing

- available in 2 lofts option: 52* / 58*

- Shafted with NSPRO Modus3 Wedge


Takumi Japan Type S Wedge

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