Roddio NL Series Shaft

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Introducing Roddio NL Series Shaft.


SVF (Super Volume Fiber) Carbon
The Roddio NL Series Shaft incorporates the cutting-edge "SVF (Super Volume Fiber)" carbon technology developed by DAIWA, a leading brand in fishing rods. This technology uses a hot press method to apply high temperature and strong pressure, reducing the amount of resin (which acts like glue to hold carbon fibers together) during the molding process. This reduction in resin increases the carbon density, resulting in a lighter shaft with superior sensitivity and excellent operability. The NL series leverages this advanced technology to create a high-performance, lightweight shaft.

SUPER RING Manufacturing Method
Achieving a near-perfect circular shape in the shaft is crucial for maintaining consistent strength, flex, and overall performance. The "SUPER RING" structure, developed through meticulous re-evaluation and refinement of the carbon sheet design, cutting, and wrapping processes, ensures this precision. By minimizing the overlap at the start and end of the carbon sheet wrapping, the SUPER RING method provides a shaft with high flexibility and superior restoration force, delivering a stable and smooth swing feel for golfers.


Full-Length Use of Toray "T1100G"

The NL Series shafts are constructed using Toray's "T1100G" fiber, an advanced material developed for aerospace applications by the leading chemical company Toray. "T1100G" fiber achieves an unprecedented level of high elasticity and strength, which was previously difficult to attain with traditional fiber materials. The NL series uses high-performance prepreg, infused with nanotechnology resin, along the entire length of the shaft. This material is layered multiple times, resulting in a high-performance prepreg content of up to 60%. The outcome is a shaft that combines light weight and appropriate torque with exceptional strength and agility, offering performance that goes beyond conventional shafts.

Elegant Exterior

The NL Series features a sleek design available in two colors: "White" to highlight lightness and "Black" to emphasize strength. Each color is offered in two finishes, "GLOSS" (glossy) and "MATTE" (matte), allowing golfers to choose a shaft that not only performs excellently but also matches their aesthetic preferences. This variety in color and finish compensates for the typical pros and cons of lightweight shafts, providing golfers with a range of options to suit their style and performance needs.

Experience the Roddio NL Series Shaft, where advanced technology, premium materials, and elegant design converge to deliver a shaft with extraordinary performance and unmatched quality.


No, Overall length [mm/inch] Weight [g] Tip diameter [mm/inch] Butt diameter [mm/inch] Torque [°] Kick Point
NL3 Sun 1128/ 44.4 37.5 8.55 / 0.336 14.85 / 0.585 6.5 Tip-middle tone
NL3 Star 1164/ 45.8 39.5 14.95 / 0.588 6.0

[Tolerance] Total length ±2mm / Weight ±3g / Tip diameter ±0.05mm / Butt diameter ±0.2mm


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