Roddio NP Series Shaft

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Introducing Roddio NP-Series Shaft, it is the newer version of the previous NP Series shaft


NANOPLUS Manufacturing Method
To create a shaft that combines "lightweight" and "strength," we have adopted the "NANO PLUS" manufacturing method, which allows for the precise molding of premium ultra-thin, robust carbon sheets layered dozens of times. The sheets used in this process are of the highest quality, making the material itself extremely delicate. Consequently, high-level equipment and management systems are required for molding. "NANOPLUS" is a manufacturing method made possible by world-renowned "DAIWA TECHNOLOGY," and the NP series represents the pinnacle of shafts completed using this technology.

GAPLESS ROLLING Manufacturing Method
During shaft molding, voids (air pockets) that get trapped in the layered sheets can lead to molding defects and prevent the full potential of the sheet's properties from being realized. "GAPLESS ROLLING" is an advanced technology that minimizes these voids to the greatest extent possible. This technique allows for the molding of high-quality, thin, and delicate premium sheets while maintaining their superior quality. As a result, even lightweight shafts provide stable head behavior during swings and solid impact without any of the usual concerns.


Full-Length Use of Toray "T1100G"
"T1100G" is an advanced fiber developed by Toray, the leading chemical products company, for aerospace applications. It achieves an unprecedented high level of elasticity and strength, which was difficult to attain with traditional fiber materials. The NP series uses high-performance prepreg, infused with nanotechnology resin, throughout its full length. By layering this material dozens of times, the shaft contains up to 60% of high-performance prepreg. Enjoy a shaft with unparalleled performance, combining light weight, adequate torque, robustness, and agility—attributes unattainable with conventional shafts.


Model Overall length [mm/inch] Weight [g] Tip diameter [mm/inch] Butt diameter [mm/inch] Torque [°] Kick Point
NP3 Sun 1168/ 46 36.0 8.55 / 0.336 14.85 / 0.585 8.5 Tip-middle tone
NP3 Star 37.0 14.90 / 0.586 8.0
NP4 Sun 1168/ 46 46.0 8.55 / 0.336 15.00 / 0.590 5.5 Medium tone
NP4 Star 49.5 15.10 / 0.594 4.0
NP5 Star 1168/ 46 51.5 8.55 / 0.336 15.30/ 0.6023 5.0 Medium tone
NP5 Moon 57.5 15.45/ 0.6082 3.5

[Tolerance] Total length ±2mm / Weight ±3g / Tip diameter ±0.05mm / Butt diameter ±0.2mm

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