Razzle Dazzle CS-01W Wedge

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Razzle/Dazzle - A name that may not ring so well in the ears of westerners yet a wedge design that could help a range of players with their short game.  The concept behind these wedges is what they call the "Claw Sole" it's a design that coupled with higher bounce produces easier and more consistent results around the green.  Let's start with a unique aspect of these wedges,  the bounce with 13 and 15* available which is much higher than most on the market today.  This is especially for two types of players,  those who have a steep descending strike and those who play softer or wetter conditions.  The extra bounce also aids those who often finds themselves in bunkers or play courses with tall rough or soft sand.

The claw cut out near the toe end of the sole let's you cut through turf easier making the bounce play less obtrusive.  It also allows the player to open the face a bit more and make better impact when the ball is above or below the feet.

There is a little bit of trail edge relief to let the player slightly open the face,  considering these were designed to help make the short game easier they haven't ground off too much,  these are still best for closer to full shots than the more delicate ones.

The sole is wide and with the higher bounce these are great for anyone who doesn't have a consistent or dialed in short game.  If you desire to hit it straight and clean to simply get it near the pin these are fantastic wedges and do the job better than smaller more fidgety players wedges that require more focus and practice to achieve best results.


Razzle Dazzle CS-01W Wedge

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