PRGR Tune 05 Driver

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Introducing PRGR Tune 05 Driver. The newest PRGR Tune Driver Series.

A more forgiving series than the 01/02, the 05 TUNE DR is comfortable at address and makes it easy to hit the ball. The driver has a lower, wider profile than Tune 01/02 coupled with a low center of gravity and a large gravitational angle.The TUNE 05 Driver comes in two standard lofts 10 and 11. Tune 05 driver lofts are indicated by either 1 or 2 dots next to the logo.

The 05 TUNE DR has a wide high-velocity area with COR of 0.81 This driver is 5.5mm longer, 3mm wider, and has a face that is 3.5mm thinner than the 02 TUNE DR.

The drivers have a hosel diameter of 9.05mm, slightly larger than shaft diameter, which allows it to adjust loft, lie angle, and face angle, by controlling the angle at which the shaft is inserted when assembling the club. There are five types of screw weights (4, 6, 8, 10, and 12g) so that the head weight is also adjustable. Swapping around the weights can achieve fine adjustment of the center of gravity.

Loft, face angle, and head weight are all carefully measured and labeled on the packaging for each head. Choose a head with the closest desired specifications when ordering. Tolerances are very tight therefore providing better precision throughout the set of clubs. TUNE clubs are for serious golfers who demand precision and perfection.

Compared to 01 Driver and 02 Driver. 05 Driver has the lowest center of gravity.

About this product listing

- Available in 2 loft options: 9.5 / 10

- Comes with 8g Screw Weight

- Face: Titanium (Ti - 6Al - 4V) / Rolling 

- Body: Titanium (Ti - 8Al - 1V - 1Mo) / Vacuum precision casting

PRGR Tune 05 Driver

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