PRGR 05 Irons 2023 7-A ( 5pcs )

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Introducing the PRGR 05 IRON, the latest addition to the PRGR IRONs lineup, designed to meet the performance requirements of irons such as ease of setup, feel, distance, control, and forgiveness. This iron is perfect for golfers with a head speed of around 40m/s and will be available for sale starting mid-May. Additionally, PRGR will also be launching a women's model specifically designed for golfers with an average head speed of around 30m/s.

The PRGR 05 IRON is designed to make it easy to hit straight and far. PRGR has achieved this by unifying the length for each middle, short, and wedge club and designing the center of gravity to be the lowest among all PRGR IRONs, with the weight placed on the center of the face. It features a wide and forgiving sole with an angled leading edge for better turf interaction, making it easy to hit off any lie. The club has a sleek and sharp design for easy setup and comes with updated loft angles and club length balance to maximize distance and launch. The shaft is specially designed for both men and women and comes with a carbon shaft that provides the perfect weight and flexibility for various golfers.

The 05 IRON has received high praise for its innovative concept and easy-to-hit design. PRGR made significant improvements to both the design and functionality of the club to create the new and improved 05 IRON. The club features an ultra-low center of gravity, making it easy to get the ball airborne and launch it high into the sky. It has a soft and comfortable feel thanks to its forged soft iron construction, and each club has been designed for specific distances and ball flights. The club has been designed to hit the center of gravity accurately, ensuring maximum distance and accuracy with each shot.

The PRGR 05 IRON has been designed to fit the feel and preferences of every golfer. They ensured that the loft angles are consistent and that the length is uniform across each club. The club's carbon shaft has been specially designed to fit the golfer's sense of weight, flex, and feel. Whether you're a seasoned golfer or a beginner, the PRGR 05 IRON is sure to take your game to the next level and give you a new and exciting golfing experience. 



- Set contains 5 irons: #7 - #8 - #9 - P - A

- #6 / 52° / 57° will be available as extra club options ( Custom order: 4-6 weeks )

- MCI for PRGR M-35 ( R2 ) is custom order: 4-6 weeks 

- comes with MCI for PRGR as its standard shaft

- for custom shaft that you cannot find please email us: [email protected]


Count #6 #7 #8 #9 P A 52 57
Loft angle / Bounce angle (°) 25 29 34 38 43/5.0 48/6.0 52/10.0 57/12.0
Lie angle (°) 62 63 64
Face progression (mm) 4.0 4.5 5.0
length (inch) S (M43) 37.5 36.5 35.5
SR (M40) 37.5 36.5 35.5
R (M37) 37.5 36.5 35.5
R2 (M35) * 37 36 35
Gross weight (g) S (M43) 375 390 406
SR (M40) 360 375 391
R (M37) 356 370 387
R2 (M35) * 354 369 385
balance S (M43) D-0.5 D-1
SR (M40) D-0 D-0.5
R (M37) D-0 D-0.5
R2 (M35) * C-7 C-7.5
Shaft weight (g) S (M43) 67 69
SR (M40) 52 53 55
R (M37) 47 49 50
R2 (M35) * 46 47 48
Shaft torque (°) S (M43) 3.0 2.8
SR (M40) 3.7 3.6 3.5
R (M37) 4.0 3.9 3.8
R2 (M35) * 4.1 4.0 3.8
Shaft KP S (M43) M.
SR (M40) M.
R (M37) M.
R2 (M35) * M.
grip Weight: 43, Diameter: M60, Cord: No, Backline: Yes
material #6-A / Body: Soft Iron (S20C)
Face: Nickel Chrome Molybdenum Steel (SAE8655)
52°, 57° / Soft Iron (S20C)
manufacturing method #6-A / Body: Forged, Face: Rolled 52°, 57° / Forged

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