Metal Factory A10 STR Driver

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Introducing Metal Factory A10 STR Driver,

The A10 STR Driver, designed to elevate your game and take your swing to the next level. With its sleek and modern design, this driver is sure to catch the eye of fellow golfers on the course.

Crafted with the highest quality materials, the Metal Factory A10 STR Driver features a strong and durable titanium head that delivers superior power and distance with every swing. The face is made of high-grade Beta-Titanium, which is known for its high resilience and flexibility, allowing for faster ball speeds and longer shots.

The club head has a 460cc volume, providing a larger sweet spot and maximum forgiveness on off-center hits, giving you the confidence to go for those long drives. The center of gravity is precisely positioned to provide optimal launch and spin rates, ensuring you achieve your desired trajectory every time.

The A10 STR Driver comes equipped with a premium graphite shaft that is lightweight and flexible, allowing for faster swing speeds and improved accuracy. The shaft has a mid-kick point, providing a stable feel during the swing and more control at impact.

MURAKUMO-HAYATE- uses carbon "Toray torayca® T1100G" with high strength and high elastic modulus for the entire length of the shaft. By bending the entire shaft, the acceleration of the head has improved. In addition, the amorphous carbon at the tip of the shaft reduces the blurring of the head trajectory and has the strength to withstand the impact at the time of impact. As the name of HAYATE (Gale), it is a shaft exclusively for A9-SKY- that pursues acceleration performance to the utmost limit.

In addition, the driver is available in a stunning sky blue color or strong cosmo black color, giving it a unique and stylish look that is sure to turn heads. If you're looking for a driver that delivers exceptional performance, an outstanding feel, and a sleek design, the A10 STR Driver is the perfect choice for you.


- Head Only


Loft volume head weight lie angle FAs FP BULGE ROLL
9.5 460cc 200g 60.5° 19mm 9.5inch 10 inches
10.5 460cc 200g 60.5° 19mm 9.5inch 10 inches
Loft center of gravity angle center of gravity distance The altitude of center of gravity center of gravity depth MOIs head height head width
9.5 21° 39.5mm 35.4mm 36.7mm 4300g/cm² 64.5mm 113.7mm
10.5 21° 39.5mm 35.4mm 36.7mm 4300g/cm² 64.5mm 113.7mm
shaft flex length (inch) gross weight balance
MURAKUMO -KANATA- S. 45.5 302g D2
SR 45.5 297g D1
R. 45.5 292g D0
MURAKUMO S. 45.5 310g D2.5
SR 45.5 304g D1.5

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