KYOEI Custom Triple Weight Wedge Set ( 4pcs ) - Smoked Copper

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Introducing KYOEI Custom, KYOEI Custom is our new service where you can custom your own KYOEI products with so many options.

and this listing is KYOEI Custom Triple Weight Wedge Set ( 4pcs ) - Smoked Copper


- Sold as a set only 48/52/56/60

- it is made to order and takes 30-45 days.


The 2023 KYOEI Triple Weight Forged Wedge is a masterpiece of precision engineering and JDM performance. As the original golf forging house of Himeji, Japan's premier golf foundry, this wedge is crafted with the skill and design experience of the industry's best.

With four loft options - 48, 52, 56, and 60 - this USGA conforming wedge features CNC milled grooves for maximum spin and control on every shot. The three machined weight ports and interchangeable weights allow you to fine-tune the club to your swing, making it your own.

The full-face grooves provide more spin on every shot, no matter where you hit the ball on the face. The forged and machined carbon steel construction is designed to deliver the ultimate in playability and feel. Made from soft Japanese 1020 carbon steel, Offered in NiCR Chrome Brushed Satin or Black DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) finishes that are both beautiful and durable.

The machined sole grinds offer even more consistency, with the tightest tolerances in the golf industry. The 2023 KYOEI Triple Weight Forged Wedge is the perfect choice for golfers who demand the best performance and aesthetics.

The sole grinds were carefully designed with careful thought to the camber and curve angles to create a versatile wedge for most turf conditions. The approach clubs feature sole designs that support full swings combined with spin control to hold the greens, while the higher lofted wedges feature sole grinds for precise manipulation of the face and ideal spin control to land softly and hold.

In terms of aesthetics, the adjustable weights are surrounded by a unique colored weight ring that allows you to modify the look of your wedge. KYOEI-authorized dealers can match these with the latest trend of colored ferrules, custom paint fill, and matching grips for the ultimate personalization. The colors offered are Red, Blue, Gold, and Black.


No Loft ( ° ) Lie ( ° ) Bounce ( ° ) Grind
48 48 64 14 D
52 52 64 10 F
56 56 64 12 M
60 60 64 14 D


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