Katana Voltio Ninja Premium Carbon Hi Driver Silver

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Introducing the Katana Voltio Ninja Premium Carbon Hi Driver Silver – where cutting-edge technology meets sleek design to elevate your driving game to new heights.

For the first time in Katana's history, experience the revolutionary "Ultra High Rebound T-Frame" combined with the "Vortex Generator" technology, housed within a carbon composite head. Unlike conventional carbon heads, this innovative design envelops the ultra high rebound T-Frame, resulting in an even lower and deeper center of gravity. The result? Explosive distance gains without sacrificing control – no ballooning shots here, just pure power driving straight ahead.

But wait, there's more! With a two-tiered weight distribution system, this driver ensures both remarkable distance and stability. Adjust your trajectory on the fly with the removable 12g and 5g weights, allowing for precise tuning to suit your swing. By redistributing the weight saved from the lightweight carbon composite and the ultra high rebound T-Frame, the dual weights on the sole deliver unparalleled impact, whether you're maximizing hammer-like strikes with the rear 12g weight or unleashing a powerful, low-spin bomb with the front 12g weight. And with that kind of power, don't be surprised if your drives start racking up some serious roll after landing.

But let's talk about the face – boasting Katana's thinnest-ever "Variable Face" technology, this driver pushes the limits of rebound performance. By further thinning the already high-rebound titanium material by approximately 10% compared to previous models, the face achieves unprecedented flexibility. With varying thicknesses across the face, it maximizes deflection while expanding the sweet spot, ensuring consistent performance even on off-center hits.

And for those who love customization, look no further – this driver features an adjustable sleeve with a whopping eight different positions. Whether you prefer a higher launch angle or a more neutral face, fine-tune your loft from 8.5 to 12.5 degrees and adjust the face angle with three available settings.


head material 6-4Ti 6-4Ti
face material DAT55 DAT55
head volume 460cc 460cc
loft angle 8,5 degrees to 12,5 degrees 8,5 degrees to 12,5 degrees
club leader 47 inches 47 inches
Club weight (±) 288g 289g
shaft TOUR AD Platinum 4 GD TOUR AD Platinum 4 SV
flex R S.R.
Shaft weight (±) 46g 47g
Torque (±) 6.2 6.2
kick point First Center Flexibility First Center Flexibility
Balance (±) D1 D2


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