Kamui Pro TP-09D Driver

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The Kamui Pro TP-09D Driver - The original TP-07 was an awesome club,  the club just launched off the face with a powerful trajectory and soft metallic crunch type of feel,  it was reproduced in multiple iterations from having a nitro air filled head to a foamed head to various face materials used over a period of many years, so it was about time for Chujo the parent company of Kamui Pro to release it's successor the TP-09D and TP-09S drivers.

You are looking at the (D) for deep it's beautiful gun metal grey finish is a forged cup face made of 5-3-2-2Ti  and produced in a 500T press I've hit both the D and the S actually both seem pretty deep faced to me and they both have this interesting shape where the toe impact zone is deeper and larger than the heel side.

The TP-09D is designed for the player that is trying to avoid the hook or left side with it's more open face angle and neutral internal weighting bias so in other words if your bad shot is a slice you should consider the (S) even if you like deep faces as I mentioned I still consider the (S) deep. 5-3-2-2Ti 

While this driver head has 2 weights these are fixed weights so the customer can't remove them as they are attached by adhesive,  there are many different configurations you can order from the factory by custom ordering Weights: 1.5g (yellow) * 3.5g (red) * 5g (Gold) * 7.5g (black) * 10g (blue).

Available in a wide variety of lofts 8, 9, 10 and 11 TSG can also request heads that are custom hand picked to more specific measurements by request.  The standard shaft is a light weight original shaft designed for this head by Kamui Pro in collaboration with graphite design.  We are also offering this head only or built with one of TSG's amazing shaft options.


Kamui Pro TP-09D Driver

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