Hisho Red Label Ultimate 2023 Golf Ball

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Introducing the Hisho Red Label Ultimate 2023 Golf Ball – the pinnacle of performance and precision for golf enthusiasts. Crafted with cutting-edge technology and designed to elevate your game, this non-conforming golf ball is a game-changer on the course.

The Hisho Red Label Ultimate 2023 Golf Ball is engineered to deliver exceptional distance, control, and feel. Its innovative construction combines a high-energy core with a responsive cover, resulting in explosive initial velocity off the clubface and remarkable distance on every shot. Experience unmatched power and launch your drives with confidence, knowing you have the advantage of the latest ball technology at your disposal.

Please note that the Hisho Red Label Ultimate 2023 Golf Ball is a non-conforming golf ball, meaning it does not meet the regulations set by golf governing bodies for tournament play. However, it is perfect for casual rounds, practice sessions, or golfers seeking to explore the limits of performance in their game.

Achieve precise control and accuracy with the Hisho Red Label Ultimate 2023 Golf Ball. Its advanced aerodynamic design minimizes drag, ensuring a stable and consistent flight path. This allows you to shape your shots effortlessly and navigate the course with ease. Whether you're attacking the fairway, hitting approach shots, or executing delicate putts, this golf ball offers the control you need to excel in every aspect of your game.

Feel the difference with the Hisho Red Label Ultimate 2023 Golf Ball. Its soft yet responsive cover provides an exceptional feel of the clubface, allowing you to sense every shot and maintain a confident touch around the greens. The ball's enhanced spin control ensures optimal stopping power on approach shots, helping you stick the landing and set up birdie opportunities.

Durability is a key feature of the Hisho Red Label Ultimate 2023 Golf Ball. Its robust construction ensures long-lasting performance, even after repeated use. This means you can focus on your game without worrying about the ball's durability.

Take your golf game to new heights with the Hisho Red Label Ultimate 2023 Golf Ball. Order yours today and experience the ultimate combination of distance, control, and feel. Elevate your performance on the course and unleash your full potential with this remarkable non-conforming golf ball.


Type Super high repulsion over distance 2 pieces
Outer cover Super high resilience Softec ionomer cover
Core Super high repulsion center core
Dimples Super strong ballistic dimple 322
coefficient of restitution 0.85 (best in the world)
Ballistics high trajectory
Color white yellow orange


- The listing is for 1 dozen ( 12pcs )


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