Geotech Quelot RE18 Fairway Wood

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Introducing The Newest Geotech Royal Excellence Series. Geotech Quelot RE18 Fairway Wood.

Going on 18 years as a premium product line from Geotech, the Quelot series has been helping golfers meet their distance dreams. Over the years, it's technological evolution has advanced in parallel with innovations at Geotech, all with a focus on distance performance. Thoroughly embraced by the recreational golfer who with Quelot not only dream of more distance but experience it as a reality.

The Quelot RE18 series is the new 2018 model with an all-new design and an all-new level of performance. The Quelot RE18 Fairway Wood high-performance premium model of the Quelot RE18 line. Premium quality and premium performance.

This Fairway Wood is designed to help golfers make more consistent good shots with an easy launch and more distance. In recent years many fairway woods have seen the use of a shallower center of gravity to reduce spin and increase direction, however moving the CG forward also made the sweet spot smaller and made it much harder to launch the ball in the air if your swing speed was slower. The RE18 FW is designed with the amateur in mind and utilizes a deep center of gravity for increased maximum performance. More consistent impact, better feel and more stable shots with better distance make this one forgiving FW.

The RE18 Fairway Wood utilizes an ultra-thin but strong high-speed C455 Maraging steel face. It’s stronger than standard stainless steel so can be made thinner – 1.6mm at its thinnest point for increased ball speed and a hotter feel. The FW also features a more shallow face with a split scoreline design which makes it easier to address the ball at the center of the face for repeated consistency and performance.

About This Product Listing

- Available in 3 lofts option: 16 - 19 - 21 degrees

- Head Only

Geotech Quelot RE18 Fairway Wood

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