GIII Signature Ladies Irons 2021 7-PW ( 5pcs )

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Introducing GIII Signature Ladies Iron 2021, The head and shaft have achieved extreme flight by further evolving the technology for flying beyond the rules.

Its beauty deserves to be called a masterpiece. Designed on the head sole surface with the motif of "Kumiko",
a woodworking technique that has been refined over many years since the Asuka period. Based on elegant gold, the head and shaft are given a detailed pattern of "Kumiko". Furthermore, the shape of the head is designed with the motif of the overlapping of twelve soft curves. The traditional beauty of Japan goes well with the premium club born in Japan.


"L cup neo-titanium face" with GⅢ original neo-titanium face up to the sole.

The L-cup structure expands the high-resilience area around the lower part of the hitting point, realizing a high-resilience head that is resistant to mistakes in hitting point blurring.

A "power bridge body" that becomes a highly rigid body by installing a bridge in the cavity opening on the back surface.

By increasing the rigidity of the body, promotes the deflection of the L-cup neo-titanium face and achieves an overwhelming flight distance with a high coefficient of restitution of 0.830 or more, which exceeds the rules.

"Inner tungsten structure" that realizes high trajectory.

A high specific density sintered tungsten alloy is built into the sole to achieve a low and deep center of gravity of the club. By increasing the launch angle, it covers the lack of head speed and brings a big flight.

"Face laser milling" brings stable flight.

The laser milling applied to the entire face suppresses variations in the amount of spin without being affected by water droplets caused by spot blurring or rain. It plays a role in stabilizing the large flight created by high resilience technology.

"Backbone speed shaft" that increases the head speed, maximizes the energy at impact and improves the initial velocity and direction of the ball.

Adopted a shaft design that concentrates the spine in the heel direction and controls bending and twisting characteristics. A shaft that increases the head speed by controlling the bending of the shaft and maximizing the bending return energy of the shaft in the direction of the flying ball is realized.

The lightest shaft in GⅢ history that brings together the carbon technology of the world's best club "DAIWA".

By realizing the lightest 44g shaft in GⅢ history, the weight of the entire club has been reduced, the ease of swinging has been improved, and the head speed has been increased.


- a high-resilience club and does not comply with the SLE rules.

- [I # 6 ~ # 8]: Neo Titanium Face + 17-4PH Stainless Steel + Sintered Titanium Alloy Finish: Mirror Finish

- [I # 9 ~ PW]: 455 High Maraging Face + 17-4PH Stainless Steel + Sintered Titanium Alloy Finish: Mirror Finish + NiCr Plated

- [AW / SW]: 17-4PH Stainless Steel Finish: Mirror Finish + NiCr Plated

- Set Contains 5 irons: #7 - #8 - #9 - #10 - PW

- #6 / AW / SW available as extra club options


GIII Signature Iron 2021

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