Fujikura MCI Iron Shafts

Fujikura MCI Iron Shafts

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Fujikura introduces the MCI Iron Shaft.  MCI features a new Metal Composite Technology and is a new concept applied to iron shafts.  It is a carbon composite shaft which has a stainless steel inner core that adds stability to the shaft.  As we know, carbon shafts are made with layers of thin carbon sheets that are tightly packed together to make a solid shaft.  When the layers are wrapped together, the thicker butt end of the shaft tends to get heavier which throws off the swing balance.  The traditional way of counteracting this issue was to apply extra layers of carbon sheets near the center part of the shaft.  However, by doing this, it makes the shaft firmer in that area and a pure, consistent feel is lost.  

To tackle this issue, Fujikura has come up with a technology that applies a solid stainless steel core within the carbon composite layers.  This makes the shaft very consistent from tip to butt and also allows for a very consistent, crisp feel.  The carbon layer helps absorb vibrations while the stainless steel inner core allows for a very consistent feedback at impact.  

The Fujikura MCI can be found on major professional tours all across the world!  

These shafts are available in a variety of weight ranges:  50g, 60g, 70g, 80g, 90g, 100g, 120g.

The standard tip size is .370 parallel, but Taper tip is offered by custom order which is ground down at the Fujikura Factory to .355.

 *Please note that prices vary depending on the type of MCI shaft*

Fujikura MCI Iron Shafts

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