eRook RK55z Driver

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Introducing eRook RK55z Driver, the first line up from King Love Queen Brand. This driver’s face material is made of Ti-5N titanium, which has fine crystal grains and hardly propagates cracks. The material is 113% higher in tensile strength, 125% higher in yield stress and 160% in elongation than Ti6-4 titanium, which is used in many driver heads. eRook RK55z Driver uses a material that has a great potential for flying, as it is difficult to crack or break even when the face is bent.

eRook RK55z has unique design points that are concerned with obtaining the maximum flight distance. The square face, which is easy to hold toward the target, and the shallow back shape, which gives the image of raising the ball easily. Large inch bulge & roll suppresses flying distance loss due to uneven hit points.
The sole and the crown have the strength and the ball’s initial speed is increased by the trampoline effect that the entire face is bent.

Calculates the distribution of the center of gravity that maximizes the impact energy, and slightly increases the center of gravity distance to increase the tolerance for missed shots.
Low spin is achieved by distributing the head thickness and setting the center of gravity low.
Strong ballistic center of gravity design that maximizes flight distance performance while suppressing behavior by making the center of gravity depth optimal for the head shape.

Dozens of sound simulation analyzes were performed to achieve a comfortable hitting sound and good hit feeling. In pursuit of the optimal head vibration frequency (equivalent to hitting sound and hitting feel), the design of the ribs in the head is based on a number of trial productions. After many hitting tests and scientific verifications by a number of professional top amateurs, we achieved both the sound and the center of gravity that we pursued.

About This Product Listing

- Head Only

- Available in 5 lofts option: 9* / 9.5* / 10* / 10.5 * / 11*

- Available in 2 head finishes option: Clear Black / Matte Black

- Standard weight screw on the head is 4g


eRook RK55z Driver

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