Deramax 02 Series Fairway Wood Shaft

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IMPORTANT: Deramax shaft must be assembled with a head or an adapter, cannot be sold individually. please use our free installation to assemble this shaft ( FREE INSTALL )

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Introducing Deramax 02 Series Fairway Wood Shaft.

A fairway shaft that achieves a big carry with a high launch angle and low spin!

Supports a wide range of golfers with two types of weight settings.

A shaft exclusively for fairways that matches the hit driver shaft 02 series! In response to many requests, it is characterized by the speed of bending back, the suppression of hooks, and the high trajectory and triple time signature performance. High-grade shaft of highly elastic carbon + 2-axis woven fabric + 4-axis braided cloth! It is a shaft that meets the expectations of golfers who demand a long distance from fairway metal.


Super Quattro Graphite Cloth

"Super Quattro Graphite Cloth" has a structure in which fibers are wound at a precise fine pitch and fibers in each direction are made highly elastic to dramatically improve kinetic performance.

Graphite Cloth IIV

The elastic modulus of graphite fiber is higher than that of graphite cloth, and the weight is further reduced. It is a high-grade woven fabric that increases the degree of freedom in layout on a lightweight shaft and greatly contributes to weight reduction while maintaining the excellent mechanical properties that are also a feature of cloth substrates. Medium elastic carbon fibers woven vertically and horizontally create high rigidity in all directions, pushing up the potential of the shaft to a higher level.

TorayCa T1100G

Toray Industries, Inc.'s carbon fiber "TorayCa" T1100G, which achieves both high strength and high elastic modulus, is the highest strength carbon fiber developed for next-generation aerospace.

NanoAlloy Technology

Toray Co., Ltd.'s "Nano Alloy" technology is an innovative technology that realizes the effect of improving the elastic modulus and fracture toughness of resins, which had a contradictory and difficult relationship while maintaining the toughness.


- Available in 3 models based on weight


Deramax 02 Series Fairway Wood Shaft


Adapter Product Number Compatible Clubs
Taylormade M1/M2 ( 2017 ) TM-A29 SIM Driver / SIM MAX Tour Driver / SIM FW / M5 Driver ・ M5 Tour Driver ・ M5 FW / M6 Driver / M3 Driver 460/430 / M3 FW / M4 Driver / M1 Driver (2017 - 2016) / M1 FW ( 2017 - 2016 ) / M2 Driver (2017 - 2016)
Taylormade SLDR TM-A19 SLDR Driver / SLDR 430 TOURDLL / RBZ Stage2 TOUR Driver (US model)
Taylormade RBZ Stage 2 TM-A20 RBZ stage2 Driver / RBZ stage2 TOUR FW / JET SPEED Driver / SLDR FW
Taylormade Gloire F TM-SV03 Gloire F Driver
Taylormade Gloire FW TM-SV021 Gloire F Driver / Fairway Wood
Callaway Alpha 815 CA-A3
MAVRIK Driver / MAX Driver / Sub Zero Driver / EPIC FLASH sub Zero Driver / EPIC FLASH Driver / ROGUE Sub Zero Driver / ROGUE Driver / GBB EPIC Sub Zero Driver / FW / XR16 Driver / XR PRO 16 Driver (2016) ) / BIG BERTHA ALPHA 816 Driver / FW (2015) / GREAT BIG BERTHA Driver / FW (2015) / XR Driver / XR PRO Driver (2015) / BIG BERTHA ALPHA 815 Driver (2014) / BIG BERTHA ALPHA 815 Driver / FW (2014)
Callaway Epic Flash FW CA-A4 EPIC FLASH SubZero FW / EPIC FLASH FW (limited model) can be installed
Titleist CMX Tour Fit TI-A1 TS1 Driver / TS4 Driver (2019) / / TS2 Driver / TS3 Driver (2018) / / 917 D2 / D3 / 915 D2 / D3 / 913 D2 / D3 / / 910 D2 / D3 / 910 F / F / d / VG3 Driver (2014/2016/2018)
Titleist CMX Tour Fit 913 TI-A2 TS2 FW / TS3 FW (2018) / 917 F2 / F3 915 F / 915 F / d / 913 F / F / d / VG3 FW (2018 / 2016 / 2014)
Dunlop Z Series DP-A2 Z 785 Driver (2018) / Z 765/565 Driver (2016) / Z 945/745/545 / Driver / Z F45 FW (2014) / / Z 925/725/525 Driver (2013) / Z 725 / 525 FW (2013)

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