Crazy Royal Decoration Iron Shafts 5-PW

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Crazy introduces its all new Royal Decoration graphite iron shafts. Following in the footsteps of the very popular and amazing performing Royal Decoration driver shaft, Crazy has designed an all new ultra light and stable iron shaft. While Crazy has long been known to produce shafts for faster swingers and more powerful and aggressive golfers, they have occasionally offered softer flexes to suit slower swingers. Now the new Royal Decoration line is made specifically for the more average swinger or senior or lady player looking for an ultra lightweight high carbon distance shaft.

The Royal Decoration provides the Crazy distance that Crazy is known for now in a lightweight forgiving shaft made for more mortal like players.

The Crazy "RoyDeco" iron shaft is all about ease of use with lots of feel and kick.

Ranging from 50g for L Flex to 55g for the SR (Stiff/Regular) flex, the mid kicking high grade carbon RoyDeco iron shaft produces a strong trajectory for more distance and stability.


Crazy is one of Japan's top aftermarket shaft makers specializing in high modulus carbon shafts.

Crazy believes in creating the best performing shafts only from the best carbon available in Japan.

Crazy uses 40t to 80t (depending on the model) full sheets of hand rolled carbon in all their shafts.

So how does carbon grading work? Shafts are created with carbon fibers weaved together, and these fibers are measured by their modulus of elasticity in tension. Typical golf shafts are around 24t or 30t, the measurement of tensile strength. These lower grade shafts are more flexible and because of this the shaft is slow to regain its original shape on the downswing creating inconsistent impact where a player must rely heavily on timing due to the flexibility of the shaft.

As the tensile strength increases, the carbon weaves are more dense, more rigid and return more quickly to their original shape. The flex and rebound of the shaft becomes more predictable equaling more consistent shots and much tighter dispersion. The higher tensile ratings ratings in golf shafts are also related to the higher grades containing more glass and metal particles which are more rigid and lower grades containing more flexible rubber particles. Part of the reason why Crazy shafts are so explosive are that, even though they use those tightly weaved, denser carbon weaves, they create shafts with very active and thinner sections which lead to very high action (but controlled) in the shaft.

Carbon shafts 40t and higher are considered high grade and different graded carbon performs differently in every model.

All Crazy shafts have always been known to spin very low and the new models are no exception. 

It all comes down to finding the right model which matches your swing style and speed and give you the performance you want.


THESE ARE APPROXIMATES for the ROYDECO Iron and also depend on your swing style!

L - <70mph
R2 - 70-80mph
Regular - 80-88MPH
Stiff/Regular - 86-96mph

We are always here to help you choose the right Crazy Shaft, please contact us if you need more help.


Crazy Royal Decoration Iron Shafts

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