Crazy Black FW80 Fairway Wood Shaft

Crazy Black FW80 Fairway Wood Shaft

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Crazy shafts are hand crafted in Japan from the highest quality modulus carbon (80t). Focusing on full length high elasticity, Crazy shafts are Pro level shafts available to all levels of golfers. The 80 series is for those looking for heavier shaft with very tight dispersion and ultimate stability. The low torque combined with high elasticity, provide ultimate acceleration and accuracy in a swing.

The FW80 model is a Fairway Wood shaft that allows you to swing away with confidence. Built to be accurate and stable, Crazy made this shaft to help golfers reach the green on those long par 5's in 2. The 80t full length carbon aids the shaft to return to its original shape quickly with predictable timing and impact which is why it is so accurate.

The weight of this shaft is a good compliment for the 80 series driver shafts.  The FW80 gives a mid trajectory with a softer landing for more accurate ball placement. Available  fro R to XX flex with low torque and mid kick. Even though this is full length carbon, Crazy keeps the price down for the FW80 by keeping the raw length short and ready for a 3 wood install (no tipping required). For a 5 wood they recommend 0.5" tip cut and so on as the woods get shorter. 

It is recommended that Crazy be installed by a professional club maker for optimal performance.

Crazy Black FW80 Fairway Wood Shaft

Crazy Black FW80 Fairway Wood Shaft

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