Basileus Z Version II Driver Shaft

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Introducing Basileus Z Version II Driver Shaft.

A shaft that embodies the power and intention of a golfer. Shaft was born, designed to realize the player's ideal ballistic trajectory and flight distance. Brush up the original Basileus Z which pursued control performance and flight distance performance as much as possible. Basilus Z II (Basileus Z to two), which pursued and evolved to faithfully incorporate feedback from users and testers, is the best weapon to shape golfers' ideals.

Basileus Z II (Basileus Z-to-Two) "It is a B-Type characterized by stiffness of pure medium tone without stagnation from the tip to the hand, but in the premium model A certain Z series has boron which is a metal wire in its entire length to make it sticky as a whole.The T / C value is 0.57, the C / B value is 0.63 (60 S), pure B Although it is a type, it comes from the stickiness, the feeling of the tenacity, the performance which should be noted noteworthy of the boron model. Based on the thematic concept from the original Z, "stickiness over the full length" Improve based on feedback from users and testers for seven years. Especially designed to upgrade the reinforcing material at the tip in order to realize "I want to hit more stickiness with this sticky feeling" which is the point where the voice rose. Furthermore, production facilities are also developed and mass-produced at the new facility adopted from the development stage of Z II. By further stabilizing and improving production precision, we succeeded in sharpening hand feeling while keeping stickiness. It is thought that it becomes the best choice for the golfer who wants to hit by feeling stickiness when there is no pure.

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- This is Driver Shaft

- Available in 3 models based on its weight

Basileus Z Version II Driver Shaft

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