Astro Tour V IV Driver

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Introducing the all-new Astro Tour V IV Driver from Masters Golf.

Masters Golf was founded in 1979. For over 30 years, their brand philosophy has been built upon the pursuit of optimum distance performance for all golfers and the development of clubs designed for ultimate ease of use.

Their Astro Tour V series drivers have been extremely popular among experienced amateur golfers due to the exceptional distance performance along with a traditional deep shape preferred by purists. This 4th iteration Astro Tour V IV driver follows this fundamental design concept of its predecessors. Though it has an R&A allowed max volume of 460cc, the appearance at the address looks much more compact due to the deep face / deep back design which also helps promote a very strong trajectory.

The Astro Tour V IV driver also features a 14g stainless weight plate towards the back end of the sole which helps minimize energy transfer at impact. CG angle is increased to help capture the ball for a stronger trajectory. Because of the deep back a low placement of the stainless plate, this CG design promotes a higher launch with greater directional stability.

Another important feature of this head is the use of SP700 Ti Forged Cup Face to significantly expand the effective sweet spot area to minimize loss of ball speed with off centered hits.

The head is offered in various lofts from 8deg to 11deg. Head weight can be adjusted to match your desired build specs using the adjustable weight screw on the sole just below the steel plate.

It comes with Original IP carbon shaft or Fujikura 7 axis carbon shaft

Head material (Face) SP700 Titanium (Body) 6AL-4V Titanium
Head manufacturing method (Face) Forged Cup Face (Body) Vacuum Precision Casting Black IP Processing
Head volume 460cc
Head weight 196g ± with standard screw weight attached (3.5g)
Loft angle 8 °, 9 °, 10 °, 11 °
Lie angle 59.5 °
Length 45.5 inches (orderable)
Balance C8-D2
Shaft Original IP carbon Fujikura 7-axis carbon
Flex LA, R, SR, S R, SR, S
Kick point Torque Medium tone 3.9 Medium tone 4.3
Shaft weight LA: 48g R: 54g SR: 54g S: 57g R: 58g SR: 59g S: 60g
Gross weight 298g ± 302g ±

Astro Tour V IV Driver

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