Armsgain Model-01 Putter - SM-490A

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Introducing Armsgain Model-01 Putter - SM-490A.

Armsgain Model-01 Putter  - By Yuji Numazawa,  One product the Armsgain Model-01 Putter a design now touted in Japan for being one of the most well balanced in the golf industry,  In 1985 Yuji Numazawa met Gene Sarazen and Carsten Solheim who both after speaking with him recommended he create the perfect putter,  back then he was working for Honma Golf and that year he retired from the company to pursue his own dreams.

Numazawa-san travelled to the United States to connect with the aura that American golf had surrounding it and after returning to Japan a year later joined Bridgestone sports in 1987.  A total of 30 years experience for top manufactures working with tour pro's and amateur players, then a long period of silence as he lost motivation in 2008.

Shortly after Numazawa was casually asked to design a putter for one of Japan's rising players from that moment on his passion and enthusiasm was re reignited to its strongest level ever,  shortly after coincidentally Mercedes-Benz reached out to Numazawa-san to produce a limited edition putter with an "inseparable relationship of beauty and function" It was released in limited numbers ( 200pcs ) and sold close to $3,000 USD,  all pieces sold in under 1 month.

Numazawa-san considered the fact that 40% of the score comes from a player's skills on the green and that the putter was truly the most important club to master in the bag and along with skill the player needed a tool an extension of their vision of the ball rolling into the cup.

(SM-490A), which is also used for the hull of luxury cruise ships, is a very high-quality soft iron base material.
Since the expansion coefficient is small without being affected by temperature changes in the four seasons, changes in vibration are unlikely to occur, creating an unparalleled and stable feeling.
It is very soft (equivalent to S14C) and it is possible to obtain a more solid feel.


- Available in 2 Finishes option: Black Dye ( Gun Blue ) / Nickel Coating

- Loft angle: 4 degrees

- Lie angle: 71 degrees

- Length: 33 - 35 inches

- Head material: SM-490A (soft iron)

- Shaft: Steel

- Left Handed Available

- Armsgain products are mostly custom order, so it will take 3-4 weeks to be shipped ( it can be shipped sooner depends on the availability )

- For more custom order please contact [email protected]

Armsgain Model-01 Putter - SM-490A

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