Titleist Vokey Forged Wedge 2023

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Introducing Titleist Vokey Forged Wedge 2023,

At the pinnacle of modern classics, Master Craftsman Bob Vokey has poured his years of experience and sensibility into the creation of a premium forged model exclusively for Japan. This model features a traditional and sharp face profile with beautiful curves, a fusion of Titleist's unique CO-FORGING process, and multi-material construction that satisfies the discerning senses of players who demand the very best.

To forge ahead in the world of wedge design, anyone can create a wedge, but it takes a Master Craftsman to produce a forged wedge that appeals to the senses by utilizing the ultimate materials and techniques. Bob Vokey's unwavering pursuit of the perfect game has resulted in the creation of the "Vokey Forged" wedge, named after the craftsman himself.

Inspired by Japan's desire for traditional beauty and a special feel in their wedges, Titleist's Master Craftsman Bob Vokey created the "Vokey Forged" wedge. With elegant looks and shapes drawn by beautiful curves, the forging feeling and sound unique to the CO-FORGING process, and an innovative new forged world, golfers are led into a new world of wedges.

The confidence-inspiring profile of this wedge features a traditional and sharp head profile with beautiful curves. For loft angles between 46° and 52°, the leading edge is designed to be straight to make it easy to address the ball squarely. For loft angles between 54° and 60°, a rounded leading edge is used to make it easier to address the ball even when the face is open for an approach shot, giving players confidence.

The unique CO-FORGING process of Titleist optimizes the center of gravity balance. The innovative multi-material structure and CO-FORGING process of Titleist allow for the precise center of gravity design. The sharp back face, along with the pure hitting feel, enables a clean address.

The center of gravity is optimized for each loft angle, bounce, and grind. The forward CG (shallow CG design) is employed for all lofts, and the progressive CG design raises the center of gravity as the loft angle becomes more upright, enabling square impact and shot stability.

The groove design produces excellent spin control performance. The wedge features a smooth face surface and the latest precision-machined grooves to exhibit the highest level of backspin performance. Narrow and deep grooves are employed for low lofts (46°-54°), while wide and shallow grooves are used for high lofts (56°-60°), resulting in excellent spin control performance for all shots.

F GRIND - The F Grind is an all-purpose grind that's suitable for full shots and square shots. It's designed to maximize bounce even when you're set up square.

K GRIND - The K Grind is perfect for soft conditions like bunkers, with a wide full sole that features a strong camber for maximum bounce. It allows you to gently hit shots out of soft sand or grass. You can also open the face to use it for other shots.

M GRIND - The M Grind is Bob Vokey's favorite grind, designed for players who want to use the face in a variety of positions around the green. It's ideal for players with a shallow swing type who want to open or close the face.

B GRIND - The B Grind features a flat sole that reduces the leading edge's lift. It's designed for players who want to control the head and hit a variety of shots. It provides a noticeable bounce effect when opened up.





Model Loft angle Bounce angle Grind Club length
pitching wedge
46° 10° F. 35.75"
48° 10° F. 35.75"
gap wedge
50° 10° M. 35.50"
52° 10° M. 35.50"
sand wedge
54° 10° M. 35.25"
56° 10° M. 35.25"
56° 12° K. 35.25"
lob wedge
58° B. 35.00"
58° 10° M. 35.00"
58° 12° K. 35.00"
60° B. 35.00"

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