Mizuno GX Driver

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Introducing the New Mizuno GX Driver for 2018. This Driver comes with some powerful features which bring this driver to next level.

First thing I noticed with the GX driver is that the profile is very shallow.  Possibly one of the most shallow shapes I have seen from Mizuno.   The one feature that I was pleasantly surprised with is that the hosel is NOT adjustable!!   Bonded hosels are becoming such a rare thing these days especially with drivers.   I think adjustable hosels are aesthetically distracting and, sorry to say, but make drivers look ugly.   The other thing that I really love about this head is that it has a beautiful gloss black crown with no ugly alignment aid or logo.   A very nice appeal to the traditionalist who just cannot tolerate drivers with "stuff" on the crown!!    Thank you, Mizuno!

The driver is packed with many performance enhancing features starting with their patented Coretech face design where they place a thicker section in the middle for stronger impact and very thin section in the perimeter to allow more face flex at impact.     Face material is my favorite SP700 titanium but they have their own proprietary name and call it  "Strong Forged Elite Titanium" which they claim is 10% stronger than your typical 6-4 Ti which allows the face to be made thinner while retaining the required rigidity.  Moving to the sole, the Wave Technology sole is well and alive.  It creates more flex to the face at impact compared to a flat sole.    From a forgiveness perspective,  the MP Type 2 already had a fairly large sweet spot but in the GX they were able to further expand that sweet spot by a whopping 17%!!    This will translate in slight off center hits still producing near optimal distances.  For the weight distribution, they utilized a dual weight system where they placed 6g internal weight at the very back end of the sole but also a 6g weight screw at the front.   The effect of this approach is that the back weight will help with easier launch while the front weight will keep the backspin performance in check.   Simple but highly effective.

With the Mizuno GX series golf clubs,  Mizuno is introducing the MFUSION graphite shafts as standard offerings. In case you haven't noticed,  many of the Japanese shaft brands including the familiar JDM boutique brands have been releasing lighter but more stable/stiffer shafts in the last couple of years.  Mizuno MFUSION shafts follow this trend.   Traditionally, lighter shafts tended to be too soft and difficult to control which resulted in greater dispersion.    In order to solve this problem, Mizuno developed a new carbon fiber material that uses Carbon Nanotube technology.

We won't go into the details of "Carbon Nanotubes" at the moment but MFUSION is an innovative manufacturing process to bond traditional carbon fiber material with carbon nanotube material.   With this innovative process, Mizuno was able to produce a light weight shaft ( 39g for R and 49g for S )  which is also significantly more stable and controllable.  GX driver comes in 9.5 deg and 10.5 deg lofts with MFUSION shaft as standard.


Coretec Face Design

New Coretech face design gives strength to the center of the face and adds mass. The thin areas of the face create extra deflection.

Aerospace Material ( Strong Forged Elite Titanium )

Aerospace forged elite titanium is 10% stronger than 6Al-4V Titanium, making it possible to design the thinner walls while maintaining the strength.

Wave Technology Sole

With the adoption of wave technology sole, it improves the deflection of the face rather than the flat sole.

Dual weight design

Dual weight design pursuing low center of gravity and wide suite area. By attaching a weight of 6 g on the back side of the sole part, we will improve the easiness of grasping the ball and create a stable ballistic trajectory. In addition, by attaching a weight of 6 g also on the face side, it suppresses extra blowing up and produces a powerful trajectory.

About This Product Listing

- Available in 2 lofts option: 9.5 and 10.5 degrees.

- Comes with Mizuno MFusion Carbon as its standard shaft.

- Contact [email protected] for customization of this product ( custom shaft, custom grip, custom finish )

Release Date: March 16, 2018

Mizuno GX Driver

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