Yonex Fiore Ladies Fairway Wood 2023

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Introducing Yonex Fiore Ladies Fairway Wood 2023 or Yonex Fiore Women Fairway Wood 2023.

The Fiore series from Yonex, is designed specifically for female golfers who are looking to improve their scores and enjoy the game even more. The series features a lightweight design that allows for effortless swings, perfect for players who want to increase their power without sacrificing control.

The Fiore series boasts the Octaforce structure, with thin octagonal sections located on the crown or face of the driver and fairway wood. This structure helps to lower the center of gravity and increase rebound, allowing for high trajectories with minimal effort.

Yonex has also implemented a unique face design for each club, including the Vertical Polish (vertical grinding) face for the driver and the diagonal groove and grind face for the fairway wood and utility. These optimized face designs reduce side spin and increase directional stability, making it easier for golfers to hit their targets every time. With our innovative technology and design, the Fiore series offers female golfers a one-of-a-kind club that is both lightweight and powerful.

The Fiore driver is the lightest Yonex driver ever made, weighing in at approximately 250g. 

The Fiore fairway wood and utility clubs are designed with a unique Slant Groove face that reduces the impact of weather changes, such as dry or wet conditions, on the ball's flight. The design ensures that golfers enjoy stable trajectories and distances even in varying weather conditions.

The Fiore series offers a range of clubs designed specifically for female golfers, including the Fiore driver, fairway wood, Utility, iron, and putter. Each club features a unique head material and design, such as the BF-11 titanium rolled material and 6AL-4V titanium rolled material used in the Fiore driver's head and face, respectively. The Fiore fairway wood, Utility, and iron use SUS630 stainless steel precision casting, while the Fiore putter uses SUS431 stainless steel precision casting. Additionally, all clubs in the series feature carbon shafts, ensuring a lightweight and comfortable swing.


- Available in 3 loft options: 19 / 21 / 24

- Headcover available as an option


Shaft FR07
Count FW4 FW5 FW7
Flex L
Loft angle (°) 19 21 24
Lie angle (°) 59.5 60 60.5
Face angle (°) 0
Volume (cm3) 160 155 152
Shaft Weight (g) 40 39.5 39
Torque (°) 6.9
Club length (inch) 41.25 40.75 40.25
Club Weight (g) 266 270 274
Balance B6

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