Mizuno GX Forged Irons 6-PW ( 5pcs )

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Introducing the New Mizuno GX Forged Iron for 2018. The Game Changer iron made by mizuno using boron infused steel.

At first glance,  the GX Forged Irons look very similar to the 918 from their Mizuno Pro line up.   The 918 irons are the most forgiving of the Mizuno Pro forged irons but the new GX Forged Irons are even more forgiving.

When you look at the lofts,  they are about 2 clubs stronger compared to their MP-66.   At approximately  84.5mm,  the length from toe to heel are the longest yet for a full forged Mizuno iron.    The undercut on the pocket cavity goes deeper and wider than its predecessor by using a new pocket called "Dual T Slot. "   For the longer irons 6 & 7 ,  they also embedded a 10g tungsten weight low in the toe to help create a larger sweet spot.

They incorporate a forging technique to abruptly cool only the face which produces a harder face section  allowing them to make the face thinner and generate higher COR while maintaining the mild feel at impact signature to Mizuno Grain Flow forged Irons.

Highly forgiving,  improved distance performance,   signature Mizuno forged feel...   I'm not seeing any weaknesses to these irons.   If you are currently a Muscle Back player ... sure these won't look anything like them and you may not like the larger size or the slight offset of these irons.    But for many of you who seek consistency in their game but don't like the feel of cast stainless steel Game Improvement irons out there,   look no further, Mizuno GX Forged irons are for you.   Standard shaft offerings are the MFUSION graphite shaft and Nippon 950GH HT steel shafts.


Soft iron boron steel with both flight and hit feel

Made of soft iron boron steel containing 0.003% boron in soft iron. By quenching only the face during forging, the face strength is increased by 30%. High repulsion by high strength thin face, mild hit feeling unique to soft iron forged iron was compatible.

Innovation dual T-SLOT processing (No. 6, 7)

Approximately 36 g * weight in 2-stage machining is removed and the sweet area is expanded by rearranging it in the surrounding area.

Tungsten weight mounted (No. 6, 7)

No. 6, 7 expand the sweet area by attaching tungsten weight (10 g) to the toe portion.

About This Product Listing

- This set contains 5 irons: #6, #7, #8, #9 and PW.

- Comes with NSPRO 950GH HT as its standard shaft.

- Mizuno MFusion Carbon will be available as custom shaft.

- Contact [email protected] for customization of this product ( custom shaft, custom grip, custom finish )

Release Date: March 16, 2018

Mizuno GX Forged Iron

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