Yururi MH-1112 Forged Iron 4-PW Heads Only

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MH-1112 Forged iron is currently on backorder and will be available again in December 2023 or Early 2024.

Yururi introduces their new MH-1112 Forged iron. The premium Kyoei forged S25C head is a smaller cavity back made for the better player.

Yururi has always been known for intricate CNC Machining on its irons and the MH-1112 takes it a level further.  Many advanced cavity designs these days are simply produced by either a cast or forging moulds. Cavity steps or design features are all created in that mould. Yururi has always premium forged their head and rather than just mould the cavity shape, they CNC machine the head which makes it look like art and is much more costly to do. The MH-1112 takes about 3 hours to machine a single iron.

The older KM-0107 is a beautiful iron and features some very nice CNC machining in the cavity however if you look closely, each machined step is flat. The new MH-1112 is the first Yururi iron to feature a 3D CNC machined cavity. This diamond shaped cavity is machined so the center is the highest and thickest point of the cavity. Its in line with the sweet spot of the iron so center strikes are rewarded with pure and buttery feel.At address the sharp toe adds to the irons lines and defines where the face begins Less offset and a reasonably thin and straight top top line all add to the irons pleasing appearance.

The face of the MH-1112 Forged features minimal offset and a straight top blade and taller toe area for more spin control and a nice strong appearance. The MH-1112 is a smaller cavity but at the same time its not tiny so better players all the way up to good ball striking mid cappers should have no problems enjoying this beautiful iron.

The face is machined flat and sandblasted for maximum contact and friction. The MH-1112 is an all around performer with top notch soft feel and control thanks to its 3D milled cavity.

Sold as heads only and 4-PW, the MH-1112 Forged irons take taper tip shafts. The MH-1112 Forged does have conforming grooves.

TSG can also custom build the MH-1112 Forged with any shaft and grip available in Japan.

Please contact us for a custom quote.


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