Yamaha RMX Fairway Wood 2020

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Introducing NEW Yamaha RMX Fairway Wood 2020.

The RMX (Remix) 2020 model to be released this time is the “RMX” series, which offers a result that exceeds the current level by providing a highly exploratory and highly-optimized golfer who can select the optimal club easily and at a high level. The latest model. In all clubs of Driver Fairway Wood Utility Iron, we thoroughly pursued performance with an emphasis on flight distance, adoption of the large head (driver), review of sole shape (fairway wood utility), materials, Significant improvements over previous models, including changes in manufacturing methods (irons). In order to maximize the initial ball speed, the driver, fairway wood, and utility are equipped with a new technology "BOOSTRING (boost ring)" to increase the flight distance. Iron is available in three types: the limited model “RMX 020” for soft iron forging, the “RMX 120” that uses chrome-molybdenum steel casting, and the “RMX 220” that has evolved with an improved rebound performance.


A series of ribs from the crown to the sole and the hosel form an integrated ring shape, fixing the vicinity of the face. Energy concentrates on the ball and the initial speed is greatly increased.

In a head without BOOSTRING, the energy generated at the time of impact gradually deflects the entire head. Because the deflection is uneven and loss is large, not all energy is transmitted. As a result, the initial velocity of the ball is lowered.

In the head with BOOSTRING, the generated deflection is uniformed, and the area to be bent is limited to the vicinity of the face.Therefore, all the generated energy is transmitted to the ball without any remaining, increasing the initial velocity of the ball.

By bringing the hit center close to the face center with the highest repulsive force, you can earn flight distance. The distance between the face center and the hitting point is closer than the previous model (4.2mm → 1.9mm) *, and the initial speed can be increased.

Weight is distributed between the face and back to achieve the maximum moment of inertia both vertically and horizontally. Longitudinal moment of inertia is greatly improved (140% compared to previous model) *. The vertical rotation of the head at the time of impact is suppressed, the ball rises on the loft street and can be carried by carry. Due to a significant increase in the lateral moment of inertia (117% compared to the previous model) *, it will not bend even if a miss-hit occurs.

About This Product Listing

- Available in 3 lofts: 15* / 17* / 20*

- Comes with TMX-420F as its standard shaft

- Custom shaft available as an option ( Please note that custom shaft means Custom order which takes 2-4 weeks to be shipped )

- Official Release Date: September 6, 2019 ( Any orders before the release date are considered as PRE-ORDER )

Yamaha RMX Fairway Wood 2020

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