XXIO Prime Driver 2023 - JDM Version

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Introducing XXIO Prime Driver 2023,

HighMOI - Light Head

Lightweight but No Wobbling - High MOI Head

By reducing head wobbling at impact while maintaining the unique lightness of Prime, it achieves long-distance shots with a square impact. The lightweight head is made of a low specific gravity titanium material, and excess weight is created through original casting technology. The freedom of design was increased to achieve a high MOI. The new design achieves a high MOI.

The head was enlarged and the center of gravity was deepened through thin casting with a thickness of 0.45 mm. The sound rib design achieves a solid and good ball sound even in a high MOI head. XXIO unique design enables them to balance a lightweight head and high MOI.

Advantages of High Moment of Inertia Head

- Expands the high rebound area for greater launch even on off-center shots.

- Reduces left/right head shake at impact to achieve a square impact and directional stability.

Rebound Frame

The Rebound Frame is an innovative four-layer structure head that enhances rebound performance and generates high resilience. The advanced structure consists of softer "soft" areas and harder "hard" areas that serve as fulcrums to create larger deflection and rebound. The frame expands the rebound area through a 4-layer structure of "soft-hard-soft-hard" that is strong against off-center shots, combined with a cup face. The Rebound Frame is only achievable because of its full titanium construction.

The alternating arrangement of low and high rigid areas creates a large deflection by taking advantage of the synergistic effects of two types of deflection. The fulcrum of the deflection moves backward through the combined deflection effect. The edge of the crown and sole acts as a fulcrum point, and the face alone deflects to generate a larger deflection. Thanks to the evolution of deflection, the Rebound Frame produces high resilience and expands the rebound area.


The "ActivWing" technology allows for a stable impact without any deviations, which helps to prevent loss of power. By reducing the variability of the impact point and leading to the proper face angle, it can ensure a consistent, powerful impact. The technology is designed to control the head's behavior through the use of aerodynamics and centrifugal force, which stabilizes the head during the downswing, producing a high initial velocity.

The technology "ActivWing" works by controlling "aerodynamics" and reducing the negative effects of centrifugal force, thus reducing head wobbling and improving the variability of the impact. During the first half of the downswing, the "ActivWing" assists in maintaining the head's position, suppressing head wobbling and charging power. In the second half of the downswing and up to the impact, the "ActivWing" technology stabilizes the face angle and impact point, resulting in a more consistent and effective impact that increases ball speed.

The "ActivWing" technology is accompanied by a "draw-biased bulge design" that further improves the average distance and directional stability. This design is optimal for users who tend to impact the ball with an open-face angle and therefore minimize distance loss on off-center shots.

"WEIGHT PLUS" Technology

The "WEIGHT PLUS" Technology enables a light club design with a heavy end to create the ideal top position and stabilize the swing trajectory, achieving an increase in swing speed.

By utilizing the "WEIGHT PLUS" Technology, a stable swing trajectory can be produced without sacrificing speed even with a shorter length.

The newly developed SP-1200 carbon shaft, which has been shortened by 0.25 inches, improves stability and is 0.5g lighter, enhancing the club's swing. Cutting-edge technology and materials have been adopted in each layer to achieve a lightweight design. A bias layer, which reduces the resin content of 40t material from the conventional 22% to 18%, reduces weight. A straight layer, which combines high-strength and high-elasticity carbon "TORAYCA®" T1100G with "NANOALLOY®" technology-compatible resin, also reduces weight. The hoop layer has been optimized in terms of the number of layers and position, ensuring a firm swing feel.

XXIO Prime Driver 2023

The design of the head and shaft expresses the elegance of "wa" (Japanese style). The design, which is inspired by a castle, is delicately crafted with attention to detail. The sole surface is designed to evoke images of armor and shields. The design is accented with gold and black ion plating (IP) processing, creating a head with a sense of weight and luxury.

The design emphasizes the luxury of "wa." By applying a three-dimensional transfer with a material called "Metashine," the shaft design has a more luxurious and commanding presence.

Even with a shorter length, achieve high initial velocity and the best distance in PRIME history with POWER, CONTROL, SPEED.


- △ in the table below is custom order ( 4-6 weeks )

- Official Release Date: Mid-late March 2023



Count #1
Loft angle (°) 10.5 11.5
Lie angle (°) 60
Head weight (g) 186
Head volume (cm³) 460
club length (inch) 46.25
balance D1
club weight (g) R. 254
SR  △
R2  △

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