GIII Ladies Irons 2020 7-PW ( 5pcs )

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Introducing the new GIII Ladies Iron 2020 or the 8th Generation. Evolving maximum Distance. Improved High Repulsion techonology to push the ball speeds even faster. An innovative shafts design that increases swing speed and directional stability. A distance iron that produces an easy high ball flight that let's you just aim at the pin.

This iron comes with Neo Titanium Face which realizes higher ball speeds. GIII's proprietary Neo Titanium Face produces an unheard of 0.825COR in an iron. Large sweet spot and more ball speeds equal unrivaled distance from an iron.

It also comes with Full Core Groove Technology, The back of Neo Titanium face features an all-new Power Trench Design. The lower area of the toe and heel back face feature 3 curved grooves which help increase the sweet area of the iron. Distance loss is minimized on off-center hits.

Heavy sintered tungsten is placed in the sole towards the toe side to help promote a low and deep center of gravity and a higher moment of inertia. The weight helps stabilize the rotation of the head, allowing it to optimally square at impact. this heavy sintered tungsten creates straighter shots even on miss-hits.

GIII Iron 2020 also comes with GIII Neo Twin Cut Sole Technology which reduces the friction and resistance from the ground at impact. This maximizes swing speed and stabilizes impact for better distance and accuracy. Aim at the pin and swing away. Better impact equals better distance and better accuracy.

GIII 8th Generation Iron comes with Back Bone Speed Shaft which increases swing speed, maximizes impact energy, improves ball speeds, stability, and control. By purposely manufacturing shaft with the spine shaft down, Daiwa is able to optimize the way the shaft bends and twists. This creates more consistent load and unload of the shaft increasing the speed and maximizing energy at impact.

Carbon shafts are manufactured by rolling sheets of carbon around a cylindrical rod. The start and end of each sheet will overlap causing a harder area than other parts.

About This Product Listing

- Ladies Version

- Set contains 5 irons: #7 - #8 - #9 - #10 - PW

- #6, AW and SW will be available as extra club options

- Come with SVF LITE FM-420I shaft as its standard shaft

GIII Irons 2020

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