Bridgestone ZSP-Biter Tour SGH100 Shoes

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Introducing Bridgestone ZSP-Biter Tour SGH100 Shoes.

Optimization of protrusion (block) height

After realizing the comfort that is one of the features of spikeless shoes, the height of the protrusion has been changed from 4.2 mm of the previous model to 6.0 mm in order to bite deeper into the grass.

New sole pattern design

By eliminating the protrusions (blocks) on the forefoot where foot pressure is applied when swinging, a new sole pattern is adopted that allows the grass to enter and is easier to get caught in the grass .

The increased contact area of ​​the heel

By making the heel part flare shape and expanding the ground contact area, stability during swinging and walking is improved, and wear resistance of the heel part is also improved.

Stable weight

Designed for heavy golfers who want to hold firmly and stabilize their swing. One leg: Approximately 500g (26.5cm)

New original last

Designed to be sharp and stylish, to suppress lateral movement in shoes and give a sense of unity with the foot.

Original heel counter

Equipped with original counterparts to enhance the hold around the heel, suppress lateral shake, and realize a comfortable fit.

BOA® Fit System

Finely adjustable dial operation makes it easy to achieve the optimum fit .

NEW insole structure

By softening the toe to heel (yellow part in the image), appropriate cushioning is ensured. The area around the heel (blue part in the image) is hardened from the arch to keep the shape of the foot and suppress lateral shake.

Waterproof specification

Play comfortably even in the rain and morning dew. * Meets the waterproof standards of the Japan Golf Equipment Association

Product: SHG100
specification: ■ Instep: Artificial leather 
■ Bottom: Synthetic bottom (synthetic resin x synthetic rubber)
■ Weight: Approximately 500g (26.5cm one leg)
■ 3E
■ Spikeless
■ Cement manufacturing method
■ Waterproof specification
■ BOA (R) Fit system Installed
* BOA (R) is a registered trademark of BOA TECHNOLOGY.


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