Baldo Sky Drive Driver 2023

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Introducing Baldo Sky Drive Driver 2023,

BALDO SKY DRIVE Ver.2 features a body with a maximum full-size volume and a reassuring shape. The Bishamon-kikkou pattern on the sole absorbs the impact of the impact and efficiently transmits the energy to the ball. The Power Plate in the center of the sole reduces backspin compared to the previous model, producing a ball that advances forward. The Power Plate has a basic set of 6 grams, but it can be replaced with a 10-gram plate, allowing you to change the center of gravity position (※Power Plate 10 grams sold separately). The face is made of DAT55G and has a structure that produces more flexible face deformation by changing the heat treatment of the bridge portion of the precision-forged cup face. The sleeve position can be selected from eight options, and by setting a separate sleeve with a large eccentric angle, you can select an angle that suits the golfer's swing from a total of 16 positions.


The critical point for maximizing your potential and achieving maximum distance is hitting the center of the face. At impact, the ball will fly with a good angle in the desired direction and with maximum distance when the left-right and up-down angles of the face are optimal. "Initial velocity" is one of the three elements of distance, along with "launch angle" and "spin rate," and is also greatly influenced by swing speed. Can't you increase your distance if your swing speed is slow? The loss of swing speed can be compensated for by hitting the center of the face. The "launch angle" and "spin rate" can be improved with the performance of the club head. In conclusion, you can still increase your distance. Experience the feeling of hitting the center of the face no matter how many times you try. The name "SKY DRIVE" is derived from the English translation of "THE SKY IS THE LIMIT," which means that there is no limit. You can still increase your distance and shine with your passion.

70T Super High Elasticity Carbon & 70T Super High Elasticity Carbon Cross

The SKY DRIVE shaft is made of 70T super high elasticity carbon and high elasticity carbon to maximize the speed of the shaft's flex and return. This allows for an improvement in swing speed and maximum ball speed at the same swing speed. The tip of the shaft uses a 70T super high elasticity carbon cross to reduce the loss of off-center hits. Additionally, with a low torque of 3.8 despite being a lightweight shaft in the 40g range, it suppresses head twisting and vibration to achieve superior feel, ball control, and distance performance. 


- Head Only

- Dedicated shaft available as an option,

- Comes with Standard 1.2 Variable Sleeve

- 1.5 Variable Sleeve available as extra sleeve option

Baldo Sky Drive Driver 2023

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