Roddio Golf Shaft Co. Evolves into Complete Equipment Brand

19 Feb 2013

Remember Roddio?  The promising shaft co owned by Globeride formerly known as Daiwa,  well it's split from ONOFF and is now doing it's own thing.  It's a subsidiary of Globeride just not in the ONOFF stable any longer.  I used to love their shafts to pieces,  I remember them as being very finicky to install for example the head weight + desired CPM would determine how many millimeters you must tip the shaft and yes even in drivers. When installed properly the results were fantastic but when installed the same way most shafts would be ( straight in no tipping for a driver )  The results were a high spin, high launch, whippy mess.

Some good news?  well Roddio's are now designed to be installed like every other shaft on the market.  Even better news is they are coming back from Limbo and this time making some very interesting woods & pretty cool irons.   Check it out...

There are two model types of the same design,  one is produced by Miura while the other one Chiba-san  from the old school company Zodia.    Both have the same design but it's the way the design is executed that's pretty interesting.  The Miura version is much smoother and more rounded while Chiba-san's is very grainy sort of like the raw look the yururi flatback features.  I really don't know who actually forged these or if they are made from Spin Welded Hosels ( I hope not ) but it's still a cool concept to be able to compare two renditions of the same design.  I think Miura wins over the Zodia but you be the judge...

If you look closely you can see the entire back cavity of the Zodia version is CNC milled while Miura's is pressed.  The shapes are also very different as well.  The Miura is rounded and looks like most other Miura irons while the Zodia version is what I would call extremely sharp from it's top line to toe.  Pardon the pictures the light at this booth was difficult.  Ready for the bad news?  These are all gone!  Sold Out in a matter of a few days!  both the Chiba & Miura versions.  Roddio told us they would consider making a few more for TSG but no firm desicion was given on that so IF you want these I guess you'll have to cross your fingers and wait patiently.

Another interesting thing Roddio has done is produce fitting drivers that you can actually play.  They actually designed the shafts to work best with these heads and it allows you to totally fine tune it's performance.  We're not entirely sure how this will work as their Driver & UT have not been released or officially announced yet.  But from what I can tell it's a multi piece head that allows you to tinker quite a bit.

Interesting concept to say the least, I would have preferred a less colorful designs across the board but on the positive at least they are a brand trying something different in a sea of companies somewhat following the same path.  Finally of course the shaft's,  again quite colorful but we know Roddio's perform and being made at Globeride which produces the most amazing carbon fishing rods and has technology most other shaft brands could only wish they could get their hands on I can say with some confidence that these shafts should be really really good.