2013 TourStage Golf – Japan Golf Fair

22 Feb 2013

TourStage Golf Clubs 2013

TourStage Golf presented a solid line up at the 2013 Japan Golf Fair this year.  The designs were oh so clean and modern each and everyone of the new X-Drive series products from irons to woods I could easily see land in my bag in 2013, thats how good it was.   Let's dive right in and take a look out our favorites this year from TourStage.

Above we have the all new 909 X-Blade.  It's important to know that this is a limited edition model and only 2000 sets have been produced,  so if you like what you see you don't have very long to order it from the TSG Proshop.  The new TourStage X-Blade MB really reminds me of the old TourStage MR-23 U.S Spec blade except with a cleaner setup and added forgiveness.  The entire head is plated in a beautiful brushed satin finish it really is stunning in person even these fantastic pictures just don't do it justice.  Forged by Endo of S20C it's one of the most beautifully designed blades perhaps ever.

Take a look at just how amazing she looks,  then picture yourself on the short grass with 170 to the pin with a mid iron in hand.  Pure this club dead center and your rewarded with a feeling the pro's desire most please allow me to explain...  These are ENDO forged of S20C  no doubt the best out there but TourStage specifically the X-Blade series has always felt a bit more firm than soft.  Why?  It's because top level golfers prefer the feedback given when they know where the ball was struck on the face.  I still like irons that feel on the softer side but if your ball striking skills are excellent you must experience the new X-Blades sweet spot.

TourStage X-Blade 909 MC
MC = Muscle Cavity,  if your looking for a nice blade like compact this iron shouldn't be ignored.  The TourStage 709 MC has a slightly thicker and rounder sole than the blade where the leading edge relief is more evident.  Offset is ever so slightly increased to help straighten out shots and the top line while still what I would consider very thin has been increased in thickness by just a hair.  It's really an attractive offering by TourStage and I'm loving how the difference between the MB/MC/CB is gradual versus sudden.  It really allows the better player more choices based on where they feel they need the extra forgiveness in exchange for a slightly visual increase in size.

TourStage 909 CB Irons
And now to the the most forgiving of the X-Blade series the 709 cavity back and when I say most forgiving please understand this by no means is a game improvement iron.  It's still designed for the better player or the golfer looking for a nice crisp and compact setup.  If you want even more forgiving TourStage has many other series of golf clubs to satisfy ones needs.  The CB is simply the evolution from Muscle Back to Muscle Cavity to Cavity Back.  They did a great job with this one as it hides its size extremely well they also have made some adjustments across all 3 sets in regards to loft.  at the MB level you have what I would call a "closer" to traditional loft make up while strengthening into the MC then Cavity model.

TourStage limited 909 driver

TourStage has also produced 3 beautiful drivers each with different playing characteristics,  First is the 909 Forged 420cc pear shaped fade inducing monster that features a sexy and deep face designed for the better player,  next the 709 D430 which promotes a neutral non bias shot to fly straight with optimal spin rates and finally the 709 D450 which is the most forgiving of the X-Drive series,  again if you want uber forgiveness I suggest a different TourStage series but this is for the golfer looking for athlete forgiveness.  In our testing we found that the smaller 909 had a more firm feel while the 430/450 were softer.

2013 TourStage Gear


Want to see more?  And believe me there is a lot more.  This post was getting long and you have got to visit our Forum it's an amazing place to seek the opinion of people who have been playing JDM golf clubs for years!  TourStage also has wedges,  putters, some pretty hot Tour bags and lots more so head on over to the TSG Forums by Clicking Here.