Zodia WMF Forged Wedge

Zodia WMF Forged Wedge

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Zodia WMF Forged Wedge is a premium wedge line that is hand grinded by renouned clubmaker Master Fumio Chiba, in Hyogo Japan. Master Chiba first stepped into the golf industry at the age of 20.  From there, he has spent 10 years learning about quality control, forging and grinding of heads. Around this time, his grinding skills became a popular topic among top tour players and this has allowed him to create his independent brand Zodia. He takes pride in personally grinding every iron and wedge heads his company produces.  Zodia clubs have been known for its sharp and raw looks as well as ball killing spin!  There is superb craftsmanship and quality you can definitey see.

Features and Technology

- S25C Forged head for consistent soft feel.
- Custom hand grinded quality with various grind options to fit your needs.
- Classic head shape with a high neck, favored by many professionals.  
- Smooth lines to help you addres the ball squarely.
- Nickel Chrome finish.


WMF50-01 - 6* Bounce . The bounce is concentrated near the leading edge. Made to promote crisp contact without excessive digging.

WMF50-02 - 8* Bounce. Smooth curves in the sole.  Made to be versatile in all grass conditions and keep the head accelerating through impact on approach shots.

WMF50-03 - 8* Bounce. Narrow sole design from toe to heel. Made to help maximize a clean pick and spin off tighter lies. 

WMF52-01 - 10* Bounce. Leading edge and back edges are both grinded off to minimize friction on all shots. Made for smooth overall flow. 

WMF52-02 - 10* Bounce. Rounded leading edge and narrow heel to center of the sole. Made for overall versatility on various lies. 

WMF52-03 - 8* Bounce. Lower bounce and narrow grind on heel section. Made for crisp contact and allows head to easily slide under the ball for those delicate shots

WMF56-01 - 10* Bounce.  Well balanced sole grind for versatility and minimal friction in all situations.  (Especially in sticky grass such as Korai grass)

WMF56-02 - 12* Bounce. Smooth rounded sole with narrow heel design made to naturally sit open on those bunner shots and soft flop shots around the green.

WMF56-03 - 9* Bounce. Balanced and rounded sole that allows easy manipulation of the face. Made for versatility on fullshots and short approaches. 

WMF58-01 - 10* Bounce. Wide sole to maximize use of the bounce.  Made for reduced friction and acceleration through the ball for added spin.

WMF58-02 - 10* Bounce. Wide sole design with grinded off trailing edge. Made for consistent contact on uneven lies. 

WMF58-03 - 10* Bounce. Wide sole design with grinded down heel section.  Made for ultimate performance when opening the face up in bunkers and longer rough.

WMF58-04 - 8* Bounce. Lower bounce to promote crisp contact, especially on harder surfaces. Narrow heel section to allow for the head to easily slide under the ball.

WMF58-05 - 12* Bounce. Wide toe and heel section and concentrated bounce on the center of the sole. Special grind from the sole towards the back face to make it the easiest flowing head through the turf.

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