Zestaim FI702 Flow Grind Wedge - 56° - Head Only

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- Head Only

- 56°


ZESTAIM FI702 Wedges for Men

The 2021 Flow Wedge has been divided into men's and ladies' models. The men's model features the minimalistic, clean, unique ZESTAIM brand identity by applying black and white paint to the clean back-face. It is sold with the same bounce/loft as the existing C wedge, and is available in all lofts of 48/50/52/54/56/58/60 degrees.

In 2020, the "FLOW WEDGE" series has been released for the new ZESTAIM Wedge Legends. Our Flow Wedge was designed to prevent the existing C Wedge users from feeling differently by applying the same head size as the C Wedge, the best-selling model that was launched in 2018 and has since achieved more than 5000 units of cumulative sales. While the conventional C wedge focused on tolerance by applying round grinding to both sides, the new flow wedge is characterized by applying a smooth curve resembling 360 degrees of the SOLEs, both front and rear, as if it were flowing water. The use of 360-degree smooth flow grinding means that the head facilitates simpler shot-making, making it easier to open and close the head, and you can execute shot-making from any rai. Although the existing C wedge offers beneficial to

Commonly, wedges are divided into DIGGER wedges and SWEEPER wedges. The 2020 Flow Wedge was built on the concept of the NORMAL SLIDER (shallow divot) that samples the median performances of these two types of wedge shots. In other words, it can be said to be a wedge made for the most commonplace golfers. It features a leading edge that is neither too sharp nor too blunt, and the comfortable sense of stability upon address is our top priority.

The fully CNC-milled back-face carries the perfect CG and provides a beautiful design to accompany it. You may even have acquaintances who have seen the sample head and believe it has a remarkably elegant design, but they doubt whether it was made too beautifully. The core of a wedge is its performance. Design cannot be the first focus, and getting the basics right for ZESTAIM wedges is our priority. In addition, it is said that the exquisite appearance, when combined with the finished performance, is just a bonus.

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