Yururi Tataki Wedge

Yururi Tataki Wedge

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Yururi Golf Tataki Wedge is the latest wedge to Yururi's wedge collection.  It's been a while since Yururi has released new wedges and why should they with the continued success of the Raw Gekku and Gekku Tour easily TSG's best selling wedge over the years.  This is Yururi's new players wedge, it's no joke,  it's compact, rounded in all the right places and just finished beautifully.  This is a Conforming wedge that can be used in any competition!

Features and Technology

- 5 x pressed S25C steel for consistent feel.

- Compact and traditional head shape to satisfy the lower handicap to pro level players.

- Popular raw black finish.

- Sole grind made for versatility in all conditions.

- High spinning grooves, just within the USGA limits allow you to play the wedge in any tournament!


Right handed specs:  50.5 loft/10 bounce, 52.5 loft/12 bounce, 56.5 loft/12 bounce, 58.5 loft/14 bounce, 60.5 loft/12 bounce

Left handed specs:  50.5 loft/7 bounce, 52.5 loft/10 bounce, 56.5 loft/13 bounce, 58.5 loft/16 bounce, 60.5 loft/12 bounce

Yururi Tataki Wedge

Yururi Tataki Wedge

Yururi Tataki Wedge

Yururi Tataki Wedge

Yururi Tataki Wedge

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