XXIO Japan 2017 Prime Driver

XXIO Japan 2017 Prime Driver

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Introducing the new XXIO Japan 2017 Prime Driver

The XXIO Prime drivers, which have a total weight of 252 grams, are designed to quell the common slice that average golfers fight. In addition to its draw-enhancing weighting and shaft design, the club heads also have a smaller toe section and an expanded heel section. The heel section of the club face is thicker to reduce a slice on open-face, heel strikes, according to the company.

Also, a very thin crown that measures just 0.35 millimeters in most spots helps lower the center of gravity (CG). For even more forgiveness, the drivers have what the company calls a “Wing Cup Face,” which uses variable face thickness and a channel in the sole — both to produce faster ball speeds across the forged faces.

This Driver comes with XXIO Prime SP-900 graphite shafts which made with premium materials, including Toray T110G, and use different constructions in the tip, mid and butt sections to improve performance. Key to their design are shock-absorbing, flexible tip sections, which can help golfers create more club-face closure at impact to increase draw bias.

This Driver is available in 2 loft options: 10.5 and 11.5 degrees

XXIO Japan 2017 Prime Driver

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