XXIO Eleven Driver

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Introducing the NEW XXIO Eleven Driver. the 11th generation of XXIO which is an upgraded version of the previous model.

The 11th generation XXIO golf club adjusts the shape of the head and the hitting sound according to the target user. "XXIO Eleven" follows the head shape and hitting sound of the previous "XXIO". The new XXIO X lineup is designed with a “deep, straight face” that is easy to hold and a “slow hitting sound with short reverberation” preferred by users with high head speeds, in accordance with the preferences of target users. 


Dunlop's Flying Technology

Dunlop's flying technology on the XXIO golf club goes beyond improving the resilience performance of the head. In order to realize a unique “how to fly” that maximizes the power of golfers, in recent years it has evolved through research and development into the swing area, but this 11th generation model focused on “ Top of swing. The newly developed “WEIGHT PLUS” technology, a unique technology, realize the ideal top “flying power position” where the cock accumulates deeply and stably, enabling faster and more accurate impact. Only about 80% of the people who experienced during the test stage waggle and about 80% of them experienced the change when swinging the club. As a result, XXIO Eleven has 4 yards of the previous work. Increases average flight distance.

Weight Plus Technology

"The WEIGHT PLUS (weight plus) technology, to concentrate the weight in hand of the golf club, is possible to reduce the force to support the head at the time of take-back, it is the technology to create the ideal top positions. Shaft weight of a conventional model By embedding a newly developed “silicon rubber bush” with a weight that is covered with silicone rubber in the grip end of the club, the top of the cock has accumulated deeply and stably from the start of the swing by applying the lever principle. Guide the backswing as determined by

Flat Cup Face

Reinforced resilience performance with “Flat Cup Face”. By making the center of the face thinner and larger than the previous model, the high initial speed area near the center of the XXIO Eleven is 72% larger than the previous model. A significant increase in flight distance has been achieved.

Star Frame Structure

The newly developed "STAR FRAME (star frame) structure" reduces the thickness of the sole and crown over a wide area and reduces the weight. The free weight that was created there was placed at the rear, increasing the moment of inertia and realizing a large sweet area.

Carbon Composite Structure

With the “carbon composite structure”, a free weight generated by combining a carbon material with low specific gravity on the sole is placed at the rear, increasing the moment of inertia and realizing a large sweet area.


About This Product Listing

- Available in 2 color variations: Navy or Red

- Available in 3 Lofts Option: 9.5* / 10.5* / 11.5*

- Official Release Date is December 2019 ( any order before is considered as pre-order )

9.5° 59.0° 460cc 45.75" 280g
10.5° 59.0° 460cc 45.75" 280g
11.5° 59.0° 460cc 45.75" 280g


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