XXIO 9 Fairway Wood

XXIO 9 Fairway Wood

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XXIO 9 Fairway Wood  - Introducing the new XXIO 9 Fairway Wood Newly designed with many of the same development breakthroughs as the driver including a heavier head and new shaft CG closer to the hand the new XXIO 9 is a fairway wood that produces easy ups with big distance and forgiveness.  

XXIO has adopted the same new SUPER TIX Forged cup face which improves rebound and resilience especially in the lower portion of the face which greatly helps the average golfer.   The sweet spot has been expanded by 10% as well as the heel and toe section of the club face have better distance for off center shots.

The new Power Wave Structure reduces the thickness of the center of the sole and allows XXIO to redirect the weight to an area that creates a lower and deeper CG location to further help the ball get into the air.

Available in 15, 16.5, 18, 20 and 23* lofts with MP900 shaft in R2/R/SR/S flex shafts.


- Super TIX Forged Cup Face

- More forgiveness low on face and heel and toe area

- Sweet Spot increase in size by 10%

- New DST shaft technology for more distance

Head material Face: HT1770M 
Body / Sole: maraging
Recipe Face: Forged 
Body: Precision Casting
Finish High brightness metallic blue gradient polarized paint 
mirror + ceramic shot + satin finish 
Badge: Silver + navy
 # 3# 4#5# 7# 9
Loft angle (°) 15 16.5 18 20 23
Lie angle (°) 58 58.5 59 59.5 60
Head volume (cm³) 184 170 157 145 136
Club Length (inches) 43 42.5 42 41.5 41
balance D4 (S) D4 (SR) D3 (R) D3 (R2)
Club Weight (g) | R 287 290 293 298 301


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